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Sea Captain 25-08-2009 21:10

Fire in puerto pollensa (25/8/09)
Hi all,

Long time since Ive posted but i promise to get some new restaurant pics by winter.

However the reason for my post being that whilst on my balcony i saw a fire engine hurl around the corner and on towards the square.

I went to have a look and unfortunately an apartment above Bar Esperanza and Bar junior had a blazing fire in it, there was the Guardia Civil, Policia Local and three fire engines maintaining the building and the gathering crowds.

I have a short video:

YouTube - Fire in Puerto Pollensa

And tommorow morning I can take a photo so its more clearer.

I dont know if anyone was hurt but i hope not anyway :(


Later on in the evening I was talking with the bar manager below and she was saying that all the people made it out alright

Over and out,

Sea Captain

sws97sdg 25-08-2009 21:24

Thanks sea captain, that looked bad, hope everyone got out ok. Keep us informed anyone

Sparky 26-08-2009 15:48

Have heard from several sources that there were no casualties and the cause of the fire was, someone fell asleep on the sofa while smoking.:(

sws97sdg 26-08-2009 15:51

Thats good to hear, it looked well alight!

Sea Captain 26-08-2009 15:54

Reason for fire
I can confirm Sparky's post, after talking with the Policia Local they did say the fire began when the lady fell asleep on the sofa and was smoking a cigarette at the same time.

She did make it out alright though

Below is a picture of the burnt out flat...

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3424/...a16fb7c9_b.jpg http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2566/...5398e303_b.jpg

Adios for now

Sea Captain

Portofan 26-08-2009 18:45

Well done Sea Captain!

If this isn't an up to date news report with photos and video, what is?:eek:

Thanks again;)

Lillianna 26-08-2009 18:45

I've been past that block 3 times today........and never even noticed the fire damage (how unobservant am I?!!!) Just about to take my boy to a party up that way, so I'll have a good old look! Thank goodness nobody was hurt. I'm sure that a child lives in that particular apartment as I often see her on the balcony and wave at her!

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