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premierbob 28-07-2009 15:46

We are hoping to holiday in CSV next year, but are a little concerned about what the resort is like now. We first went there in the late 90's early 2000's when the Mayol was still open, Tasca was going strong, as was Tolo's, and the pizzeria and restaurant near Pinos Altos. These are now long gone, and having read some recent reviews we wondered whether it has lost its appeal somewhat, or whether it offers enough as a base for a two week holiday?

If anyone has any information or comments it would be appreciated.

Lala70w 28-07-2009 17:11

Hi Bob,

Read my recent thread on CSV in "Beaches" - here http://www.forum.puertopollensa.com/...-vincente.html
(think that's how to insert a link - help mods?)

JH02JLH 28-07-2009 18:48

Yep! It worked, Lala!:D

JH02JLH 28-07-2009 19:00

I, personally, could quite happily spend two weeks there (and in actual fact, I have!). I've not heard many reports of Bistro Mar this year...anyone been? We had a great meal there last year and I would recommend it.

We very nearly booked a villa in CSV a few weeks ago...Casa Papito with Villa Plus. Only the prohibitive cost of car hire put us off. Maybe next year we will drive there which is a dream I am determined to achieve.

I love Cala San Vicente - it lovely and quiet but situated nicely between PP and the old town. Bliss!:)

premierbob 28-07-2009 23:10

Thanks Lala and JH02JLH for your comments.....


bee67 01-08-2009 17:18

we love csv. Stayed at the don pedro last september and were very surprised how much we enjoyed it!! We'd heard so many dire reviews of dingy rooms, unhelpful staff. drunken louts etc.that we didn't know what to expect. We had a great room overlooking the bay, food was very eatable, staff were lovely. Didn't stay in for the entertainment, too loud for us but others told us they enjoyed it. Anyway. Marinas bar, Pepe's, L'alba are still there so we don't ask for much more!!

shotokan 02-08-2009 19:34

Regarding the Bistro del Mar in CSV, I took my sister out for her first visit a couple of months ago and made a point of visiting A & M for lunch and it was superb. We were made to feel most welcome and had a range of tapas of the highest quality.. mussels, king prawns with a light chilli sauce, small spicey Spanish omlette and a lovely bottle of Rioja...

All with a clear blue sky and waves spectacularly crashing against the rocks

A stolen weekend that was the tonic my sister needed to set her up in a positive frame of mind (she was retiring early from teaching special needs kids that have been her focus for most of her life).

My wife and I (and kids!) always loved Balaxia. It it did go a little above it's station pricewise towards the end, but if you want similarly authentic and great quality food at CSV, with almost cafe-level prices then try out Arnie & Mandy's new venture..they will be very glad you called!

(PS They are waiting on the next 'special place' that will enable them to develop a new 'culinery creation' and I for one can't wait to see the eventual outcome...it's bound to have that 'special ambience' once more).

They deserve it given the unfortunate demise of Balaxia for reasons that were all beyond their control!

bee67 11-08-2009 16:31

shotokan, please tell me where A & M's is? Knowing me I've most probably walked straight past it!! Do like to give eateries a try when we are in CSV.

sws97sdg 11-08-2009 16:35

Hi Bee, I think she still means the Bistro mar, A & M are the owners I think. Can I just add lots of veggie options there as well :)

mallorcaboy 11-08-2009 21:11

OK OK I can't take it any more!! We are over for a few days in September and I'm booking at Bistro. Mandy, if you're reading this, get the big cook pan out!!:D

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