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suemo 17-06-2009 12:47

A Worrying Time Made Easier By The Locals
Dear All,

We were in PP between 31st May and 6th June and we stayed at the Flora Aparthotel.

My daughter, who is 5 years old, had a bit of a cough before we left the UK, but it was nothing that was getting her down. On the evening of our third day she started to feel unwell and complained of difficulty breathing, we took her temperature and it was sky high.

At about 10.30pm I went to the Flora reception and asked for a doctor. The lady behind the desk was lovely and she called the doctor and said he would be with us in 20 minutes, he was there in 10.

I was panicking (my hubby is always the calm one) and the doctor was lovely. He spoke really good english and reassured us from the start that she would be OK. After examining her in our apartment he diagnosed bronchitus. He gave us a prescription for some penicillin we he said she needed to start taking immediately.

It was now around 11pm and the receptionist informed me that we would need to find a 24 hour pharmacist. She made a number of calls and found out that the pharmacist on call was in Pollensa old town.

I was just about to call a taxi when Felix, a chap who works behind the bar in the Flora, offered to drive me and my friend into Pollensa to get the prescription.

The pharmacist was tucked away in the centre of the town and had my friend and I been on or own it would have taken us ages to find it.

We got the medicine and my daughter started to pick up immediately. After staying out of the pool for a day on the doctors instructions (which she was not happy with!!), she was fine and it did not spoil our holiday.

I just wanted to share this story with everyone as an example of how friendly and helpful the local people of PP are, they made a very worrying time much easier for us.

My daughter loved it from then on as all the staff at the Flora new she had been poorly so she got free ice creams from then on. She milked it for all it was worth!!!!!!

Suemo x.

allanglens 17-06-2009 13:10

Glad to hear your daughter is ok.

It is a number of years since we stayed at the Flora, but I do still recall that the staff there were always friendly and helpful, and willing to do that little bit extra for you. I am pleased to see that it doesn't appear to have changed.


Sparky 17-06-2009 15:53

So glad your little girl is ok, but your story of how helpful the staff were does not surprise me. I have found the people here, be they Spanish or Expat are a fantastic help if you have a problem.:D

Lala70w 17-06-2009 18:33

Can't agree more with Sparky's comments.

I took ill a few years back now and we had to come home early - everyone was so kind. And the Doctor was extremely handsome... :o which of course I didn't notice because I was so poorly...:p

Rachel23 17-06-2009 18:46

Hey Suemo,

Sorry to hear your daughter was ill while away but glad she got better!

I always stay at the Flora and over the last 15-20 years theres been the odd mishap and they are fantastic espcecially Felix and the girls on reception.

Not to go into too much detail - My mum took ill many years ago and Felix gave her some medicine which did the trick just a case of holiday tummy i think later that evening he came back with a bottle of wine signed by all the staff and told her to open it when she got home and think of pp ... then about 6 years ago we had a bank card stolen and the thief had taken about 400 Malena at reception in the Flora drove my dad to the police station to lodge the necessary paper work and translated and Felix though it wasnt necessary even offered to loan my Dad his own money, then about 3 years ago while on my first trip to pp without my parents my luggage went missing at Palma Airport the first choice rep couldnt have been more unhelpful if they tried telling me that I would have to take a taxi to the airport and back to collect my case if it arrived ( a costly journey ) when I arrived at the Flora Pedro asked where my luggage was when I explained what had happened he told me to leave it with me and after a few hours to come back this was about 3pm and I was getting increasingly more nervous but we went out had a bite to eat and a few drinks and at 10pm my case turned up at the Flora thanks to Pedro!

Sorry to be so long winded - but i can not speak highly enough of all the staff at the Flora and the locals in PP who have all contributed to many wonderful holidays over the last 18 years.

Rachel :)

sunny 17-06-2009 19:51

Couldn't agree more have been on many foriegn holidays but never met nicer people. They are part of Pollensa's charm for us, the kids love it when we go back and even the people in the supermarket recognise them. Feels more like seeing old friends every year.

BonysLad 17-06-2009 19:52

Suemo, Rachel.

Glad to hear that both your stories had happy endings.

Happy to say that in my experience, you'll find that your stories are the "rule" rather than the " exception". That's why it's such a pleasure to live with these folk as neighbours.

Those that just want to rip off the tourist at any price are few on the ground !!

BonysLad :):)

Sparky 18-06-2009 00:20

JK's for example.
Well said Bonyslad, as a very recent example of how kind these people are, the battery in our car was flat. What happened was, i left the Hazard lights on, so Kevin from JK's took it and got it charged up, then this morning he brought it back and put it back in the car for us. Saved us 25, which is what a garage would have charged us.

suemo 18-06-2009 16:15

It's good to hear that this is the norm in PP. We have stayed in various hotels/apartments around the Port and we have always experienced the same hospitality.

Rachael - sorry to hear about the mishaps you had over the years, but really glad, that like us, everything turned out well.

That's another reason why we love it so much.

Suemo x. :)

Rachel23 18-06-2009 18:55

Thats what we said too in fact I was just chatting about it with my mum and I couldnt agree more - I work in travel and always get asked why i go to the same place every year but i think all of the above speaks volumes :)


jjacks 22-06-2009 15:33

Hi Suemo

I have stayed in the Flora Appts many times with my family. The Staff are excellent and they will do their utmost to help. Wherever we have stayed in the Port we have found people to be welcoming and helpful. I think its just another reason to keep coming back year after year.

gers1873 22-06-2009 20:07

could'nt agree more, when our youngest was 5 or 6 while having a coffee in the daina she spilled a full mug of boiling hot chocolate over herself while we were looking the other way.

we did'nt know what the matter was as she was just screaming when we turned around, one of the waiters had seen what happened and pulled her top off, grabed her and made off for the bar where he imediately applied some cream.

we could'nt thank they guy enough on finding out what was going on.

on returning home we contacted the daina for the guys name as we wanted to forward a gift, they said they asked around for the "hero" to come forward but none did.

Cocoa07 23-06-2009 19:17

We have always found the locals really helpful. My daughter got some bad jellyfish stings a few years ago and was struggling one evening as she got a bit overheated in the restaurant - we were at Tolos. As soon as the head waiter realised he brought over an old cloth and vinegar - instant relief! She smelt a bit like a fish and chip shop but it worked.

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