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suemo 16-06-2009 13:30

How Busy in August
Hi All,

I know this may seem like a daft question (as it is the height of the season), but could anyone tell me just how busy PP is in August.

For the first time this year we are having to take our holiday in August due to the school holidays. I have only been to PP in end May/June and October so I have never seen it at its busiest.

I have visions of not being able to get a sunbed on the beach and having to queue for a table at all my favourite restaurants:(

We stayed in the Flora earlier this month, we really enjoyed it and my daughter loved the pool, however I can imagine in August that it is absoluately manic as there is not much space around the pool.

Could any regular visitors in August tell me just how busy it gets.



p.s. I know that wherever we go in August it will be busy

cherylbb 16-06-2009 13:38

Hi Suemo, from our experience we have always been able to get a sunbed on the beach even in August.
We go to Tamarells beach & there is plenty of room.
Also we have not generally had to queue for restaurants as there are so many!
Parking can be a bit harder but we've always managed it.

As for pool at Flora apts, can't help sorry, but I'm sure someone can.

sunny 16-06-2009 16:00

Hi like you first time we went to Pollensa it was in June, since then tho we have been in August. We go to the Tamarells end of the beach never have problem getting sunbed and feel safe letting kids go to sea as can always see them. Usually eat later on as stay on beach til 7 or 8 as still nice, sure you'll have great time, just maybe bit hot mid day time for cool drinks.

suemo 16-06-2009 20:32

Thanks to everyone for their replies and advice.

Suemo x.

car77 16-06-2009 21:02

Hi Suemo,

We too went for the first time in August last year and it wasn't half as busy as I had expected. There were more people with school age children but less toddlers/babies in buggies. We go to the beach by the Daina and there was plenty of room. The really busy time for eating out is between 8.00pm and 9.00pm so either before or after this is best if you do not want to queue. It's quite nice to eat later as it can be cooler then. I guess the pool at the flora could be busy - perhaps you'll have to go all German and get your towels out on the sunbeds early!! LOL!!
I'm sure you will have as great a time as we had.


Disorderly 16-06-2009 23:06

This is an interesting post for me. For many years, when my sons were school age, we came to PP in July/August, but for six years we have been coming in June.

One of our group of six is starting a teaching career in September so our 2010 holidays will be back to the school hols. It will be interesting to see the difference.

I'm glad that I learned to speak Spanish because it makes it really easy to ring up a favourite restaurant and book a table, rather than take "pot luck". I guess that this may be a help at busy times of the year.

Lala70w 17-06-2009 07:58

Most of the restaurants speak English so even if you are not a Spanish speaker like Disorderly, you could always walk into one during the day and book a table. Simples!


and a small request...PLEASE don't reserve sunbeds with towels - it is a pet hate of mine and one day I am going to go mental and grab them all off the beds at the SIS Pins and run about the beach with armloads of them screaming before I throw them into the med. :o

suemo 17-06-2009 08:24

Hi Lala,

I have to agree with you, I hate the towel on the sunbeds tradition too. Maybe I will join you!!!!

Suemo x.

Sparky 17-06-2009 08:49

With you all the way.

Joanne 18-06-2009 06:15

We always go in August and find that if you get to the restaurants by 8 you are normally alright for a table, I dont think it has been quite as busy the last couple of years in August.

We sunbathe on the Pinewalk beach and as there are not many sunbeds down there once one person starts getting up early to reserve them you all have to join in, though we are down on the beach normally by 8.45am, I think its more annoying when people reserve the sunbeds and then dont turn up till nearly lunchtime

elainewalls 18-06-2009 08:36

Hi Yes the situation with reserving sunbeds drives me mad too !! My hubby and I have a rule on holiday that the minute we arrive in PP we remove our watches and we do not wear them for the two weeks we are there at home we both have pretty stressful jobs and busy lifes and live our day to day life on timetables and when we are on hols we want to just do what we want when we want with no schedule it is brilliant ! A few years ago we stayed in the Playa Mar and everyone was up reserving sunbeds at 6am if you were not out lying on your sunbed by 8am the Thomson rep came and removed the towels which is fine but it meant you then did not get a sunbed so reluctantly my hubby had to go out most mornings and put the towels on the sunbeds and for 8am he had to be lying out there this meant no leisurely breakfasts together it was horrible due to our jobs at home we never see each other in the morning and I vowed never to be in the situation again since that holiday we have searched very hard to find accomodation which is on a much smaller scale and very private and for the past few years it has been wonderful we have had lovely mornings relaxed eating breakfast , reading the papers and then strolling down for a sunbed with no problem and this has been in July - sorry this post has been longer than I thought and you are probably all bored by now !! We used to always have villas which is perfect however my since my son had two major seizures we always stay somewhere with a 24hr reception for assistance if anything happened.

Lala70w 18-06-2009 11:24

I reckon that if everyone stopped reserving beds there would be plenty to go around. You see them during the day - lying empty with towels on for 2 or 3 hours whilst someone is away for lunch. :mad:

Gommar Goffer 18-06-2009 12:22

I for one cannot understand why owners/managers allow the reserving of sunbeds - if they had a policy that towels reserving sunbeds but not used would be removed the practice would soon stop, freeing up sunbeds and reducing friction


LK1960 18-06-2009 13:25

When we stayed at the Flora last July I'm afraid it was not only a case of reserving a sunbed with towels, guests were also reserving a spot on the ground with their towel before the sunbeds were unchained!

its cd 18-06-2009 20:06

Simple answer ........... vote with your feet ......... if the hotel allow the practice of reserving sunbeds and this practice annoys you ....... go elsewhere ........ if everyone adopted this approach they would soon do something about it.

When it comes to the beach ......... I never bother , I take an airbed and a big towel along with me and use that ......... the airbed can then be used for a nice float on the sea when I get hot.

There again I probably don't ever spend more than about an hour just lying on the beach or around the pool at one go ........ I;m more of a have a stroll before breakfast, back for some nice breakie on the balcony, potter about for a bit take a dip in the pool, have a relax and read my book, go for a walk, have a sit on the beach, feed the fish, have a dip in the sea, have a nice long lunch , back for a lie on the beach to let the food go down , then a swim in the sea .......... another walk along the pinewalk, coffee at the Ila D'or ........... pop back to the pool for a swim ........ ooops before I know it its time for a shower, a sit on the balcony and a wee drinkie and then off out for food ( getting holiday sick just thinking about it ! )

So I guess its easy for me to say just don't get into the game .......... but I really just don't understand the idea of ruining a holiday by getting up at 6am just to reserve a sunbed ......... and as for reserving a bit of concrete .... the world has gone mad. Surely if you find yourself at a hotel where such barmy practices are beign carried out, the best plan is to find an alternative place to spend your daytimes ....... my other thought is that if the situation is such that you only get a bed if you are fast enough to reserve one then the pool area ans surrounds must be pretty packed a there must be far more people staying than there are beds available ......... that can;t make for a very relaxing atmosphere ....... surely a quiet bit of beach would be preferable ......

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