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Stever 11-08-2008 09:49

What has happened to PP???
Just returned from my sixth visit to my beloved PP. But all is not well!!!!
The mountains of rubbish behind the Pine Walk were a disgrace (Close to Ora Playa) It was very sad to see them growing every day!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING?? Walking the streets & dodging the dog excrement is also something I'm not used to with PP.
Combine this with the absense of the Sand Sculptors & the Craft Stalls in the Square every night left me very confused??

whaleywanderer 11-08-2008 10:50

I too was disappointed with the amount of 'doggy doo' that you had to avoid when walking along the pavements, also a health hazard:(.

I picked up a visitor survey form from the tourist information office on the roundabout and completed it, making quite a strong reference to the problem of 'doggy doo'. I have since had a reply from them noting my comments.

It remains to be seen whether anything will be done, but it's worth trying. The more people that complain then the more likelihood of something being done. I did suggest a fine for the owners as we have here in the UK.

I still love PP but these are all things that can be rectified quite easily by the local council before it becomes a major problem.

pollensa 11-08-2008 10:55

I don't know how much it helps but if you have any issues with PP from a tourist's point of view do pass your comments on to them - see Tourist Information - Pollensa - Mallorca Majorca as there's no guarantee that they take any notice or read what is written in the forum! :rolleyes:

ppmafioso88 11-08-2008 11:04

Dear Stever,

I know what you mean, the pinewalk bins are overfilled with rubbish, and there is alot of litter on the beaches. I am also sorry to say that there is alot of dog excrement all around PP. This is just down to iresponsable owners letting there dogs run wild and pooing everywhere.... Not good!

the sand sculptors and market stalls not being there anymore can only mean one thing.

they were obviously not making enough money the previous seasons to make it worth there while to stay open this year. This could be due to various reasons.

Yveee:) 11-08-2008 16:50

Am i right in thinking there is a patch of grass by the main road (on the way to carprabo (sorry dont no how to spell the name of the large supermarket ) specially for dogs to do their business on . I was sick of it so I dont know how the locals cope . I had to throw out a few pairs of shoes .

ppmafioso88 11-08-2008 16:57

Ahh Yvee, dont worry there is no dog poo outside the Cafe Algar in the square!!


Rachel23 11-08-2008 17:03

Hey all-

I was speaking to the bar manager in the daina last Friday who was telling me the sand castle guys and craft stalls and the magic man who drew such a crowd outside the daina have all been banned as the police have had a massive clamp down on street traders - ( its a pity they werent this tough on the lookey lookey men)

As for the excrement and rubbish I did notice quite a lot of rubbish at the pine walk but be aware Jose one of the bar men in the Daina was putting fake excrement on the promenade in front of the daina just to get the reaction.

But I do agree we need to bring back all the traders and magic men etc - its not the same :)

Yveee:) 11-08-2008 17:11

As long as that bit is free Ppmaf !!
I will live with it :)

Belladonna 11-08-2008 23:35

That is completely ridiculous! What harm are sandcastles for goodness sake? The craft bits and pieces werent that bad, prefered them when they were just on rugs, but still.. :(

jiggggy 12-08-2008 03:20

Just got back from PP 2 hours ago:( and i must admit, we really did miss the stalls and the entertainers on the front. We noticed a big increase in police there too!! Surely we would rather see the stalls etc than the police!:mad:
Oh yeah, quite a bit of dog manure too:eek:, but hey, lets not put us off our beloved PP. We still had a BRILL time!!!:D
But we did see 2 great sand sculptures.

suemo 12-08-2008 13:59

When we were there back in June the sand sculpturers were still there and I did notice that the police were moving the "lookey lookey" men along on a regular basis, only for them to come back 5 minutes later. I also noticed a couple of people selling jewellrey in the square off big rugs, but alas the police also moved them along (though I did manage to get a couple of fantastic bracelets before they were ushered on their way).

Suemo x.

shotokan 15-08-2008 10:04

Came after reading this and was glad to see my lovely old PP looking as good if not better than ever.
Credit crunch has definately reduced some restaurant numbers but on the whole all is well!
Beach lovely, sea lovely, new road great, food fantastic...glad I booked to be here for the whole of August!...missing all the UK weather!

jimbobs37 17-08-2008 15:45

Having stayed in the Flora apts last year,I am booked into Ora Playa which I think is beside the Flora.
Reading your thread you say that there is a lot of rubbish dumped close to the Ora Playa.

So what can I expect to see, hoping it will not affect our week in PP.

Has anyone got any info on the Ora Playa Apts.

Lala70w 17-08-2008 21:24

Hi Jimbobs - not there right now so can't tell you exactly what people are on about but they may be meaning the rubbish disposal bins/ recycling which are on the Formentor road about 300 meters from the Ora Playa. I wouldn't worry about it personally. The bins are emptied daily in PP and are placed all over the place so these bins are not the only ones and it is hardly an unusual sight to see them piling up as the day goes on.

These things are all subjective and there have been a number of strange posts on this site lately which frankly have surprised me. I don't know what is going on but I would think that you will be absolutely fine in the Ora Playa.

Please tell us about your holiday when you return - I am sure it will be wonderful.

Lala :)

jiggggy 17-08-2008 23:48

Hi Jimbobs
My in laws stayed at the Ora Playa this month, and i must say they were great! no sign of any rubbish at all. so dont worry and enjoy your hols!!!!!!!:D

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