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PP76 18-08-2008 07:50


We have been in PP for the last four weeks, you will have a wonderful time, PP is not littered in rubbish, although the current situation is unacceptable!
The large rubbish bins in the streets behind the Pine walk and the town centre do not seem to be emptied every day, this means that the surplus bags of rubbish are left at the side of the bin. The Council need to get this sorted out and to be fair the pavements could do with being power washed .


Nick Barnard 18-08-2008 09:32

I had a meeting with the mayor today, and mentioned a few points i had read about on the forum, especially the dog poo situation. He said that he is aware of the situation, and has not been able to distribute cleaners out due to the fiestas in old town which have basically not stopped since the end of july. But people should start seeing a difference soon, as most of the big fiestas are over, therefore the council cleaners are once again available.

jimbobs37 18-08-2008 14:59

Ora playa
Big thank you to all for the info,looking forward to our fourth trip to PP in September.

shotokan 18-08-2008 16:15

So you should Jimbobs...weve another 12 days to go and have enjoyed every bit of our last 2 weeks...pure bliss and great to escape all the doom and gloom back home!

Its still cheaper to live well here in PP!

jimbobs37 18-08-2008 17:23

If I ever win the lotto guess where my new address will be?

slipalong & lola 18-08-2008 19:28

Hi jimbob, we also noticed the excess rubbish by oro playa. When we rented an appartment in crespi opposite for 3 months there was a compound containing all the bins and any re cycling objects. On arriving this year we were amazed to see the compound had gone to be replaced by 2 seperate ranks of bins. Shame because not only did the compound work so well but it robbed us of a continual source of entertainment watching the recycle items dissapearing down the road strapped to car roofs, bikes or just manhandled. Ok, it may be a pain being woken by the truck emptying the bins, but you soon get used to it and it does not disturb us half as much as the over zealous entertainment duo at azur apartments who just love the sound of their own voices

Smiddy 20-08-2008 14:39

Plenty of bins, bottle banks placed to cope with all the rubbish, IF people would use the correct bins (bottle/paper/plastic). As already stated these are emptied daily, from my experiance the main problem is PEOPLE cramming all sorts of rubbish in the bins, also cramming empty 8 litre bottles etc into the everyday use bins, no wonder they over fill. Not PP's fault i'm afraid, think some holiday makers leave whatever brains they have behind when they leave home.

Stever 20-08-2008 14:46

You clearly were'nt in PP last week of July - These bins were mot emptied for 6 days!!

bevgt 20-08-2008 15:16

dog poo
we are staying in alcudia at the moment but go in to puerto pollensa most nights for meals.I totally agree the dog mess is everywhere in fact we were really upset at the amount of rubbish there was laying around i know it is august and everywhere is busy but thats not the point ,mallorca is no longer a cheap place to holiday on compared now to long distance locations,so the local council should get there act together so puerto pollensa becomes the pretty and tidy place it once was.

patc 20-08-2008 18:28

Dirt & Rubish
Was there first ten days in Aug, never seen so much dog poo & dirt on pavements & pine walk. And if that were not bad enough the amount of rubbish left beside the recycle bins, as these bins seem to be full. I did not see the guys that sweep the pine walk with the brooms this year. After going to Puerto Pollensa for the past five years & love the place, I wonder is now the time to move on. Any suggestions????

Joanne 24-08-2008 06:45

Just back from PP and use the Pinewalk 2 or 3 times a day and only noticed a very small amount of dog mess, no one in our party of 10 people stepped in any over the 2 weeks. Thought the resort was as tidy as always, saw the man sweeping the Pine Walk on a regular basis and the beach cleaners were down every day, found PP to be just as wonderful as ever and cant wait to go back again next year.

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