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robjay 03-06-2005 19:34

The rich and famous at Palma airport
You know that coffee kiosk just round the corner from the food hall and across from the duty free shopping on the first floor of Palma airport?.
Well believe it or not every time we go there on our way home Caroline seems to recognize at least one famous person standing there.
Last October there were 2 Scottish actors8) 8) and a TV director8) standing chatting in a group of 6 people.
Me I saw 6 people standing in my way!:lol .
I'll never know how she knows who all these people are.
I don't get to just rush past there now.

Have you seen the rich and famous at the airport?.

Rob & Caroline

debz1 03-06-2005 20:41

The Rich And Famous At Palma Airport
I sat in front of Colin Salmon on the plane to Palma a couple of years ago...very hunky black actor who often plays detective roles, I think he was in Prime Suspect. Chatted to him most of the journey as his little girl kept throwing her toy rabbit over the chair!! Now I would normally found this fairly irritating >: but on this occasion surprisingly I didn't mind :b
Also used to see Jon Pertwee 15 years or so ago as he had a place in Pollensa. The first time we saw him he was sitting in Cafe Espanol on market day. My daughter who was 6 at the time said "Look there's Worzel Gummidge" and walked into a post!! He jumped up to check she was ok.The interesting thing about all this was my mother went to boarding school with him and claimed to be his first girlfriend ...which he confirmed!!:eek

Also Chelseadons who has just muscled in our my fun says has anybody seen Johnny Haynes ( in 66 World Cup Squad!!) in the Coral Bar? He always seems to be there when we pass.


robjay 03-06-2005 22:28

Re: The Rich And Famous At Palma Airport
What luck Debs!. Beats seeing the Benny Hill guy :rollin .

Three questions............1. Was there a World Cup in '66?
2. what country did Johnny haynes
play for?.
3. Who won it?

Just kidding Chelseadons;) :rollin .
To be honest I couldn't tell you what Johnny Haynes looked like. so sorry can't say I saw him and knew it. Mine you the same can be said for all the soap stars. I haven't got a clue:lol .

Keep star watching ;)


mallorcaboy 03-06-2005 23:42

Re: The Rich And Famous At Palma Airport
We saw Johnny Haynes some years ago in the old Mibar on the Formentor Road. He was a good friend of an old lady called Christine who was always cycling around the Port. She used to be there from April to September, but I haven't seen her for some time now, nor Johnny. I heard he was living in Scotland

Keithmarwell 04-06-2005 01:33

Peter Stringfellow was on the aircraft from London Heathrow last friday 8o where is a littleman with long blond hair when you need one

chelseadons 04-06-2005 06:41

Trust me Mallorcaboy if you go to the Coral bar on Pine Walk in the summer you've every chance of bumping into Johnny Haynes.

Of more interest to me we saw Graham Le Saux in Pollensa market last June and 5 years ago Steve McManaman in the outside bar at the I'lla D'or where he was staying.

Off to PP tomorrow and as June is a good month for spotting footballers might have more to report on our return !!!


robjay 06-06-2005 16:30

Hope your having a good time spotting the players. I hope are you better at spotting the players than some of the players (Beckham) are at spotting the ball:rollin .
As for that old raver Peter8) well there's a mystery. He has been spotted in a certain shop in Puerto Pollensa buying up some cheap plonk:smokin , before heading to the Pollensa music festival. Or has Deep Throat got this one wrong too?.

DT also claims same said businessman:evil :| has been seen being picked up by Mr PS ( both dressed in Platform shoes and white Jackets & white Lycra trousers8) 8) ) as they head off to Magaluf to boogie on down to the early hours. This he explains is the reason for the famous "pledge" smile:| , he's hung over :x and dreaming of converting the Tex-Mex into a Stringfellows but called "stringvestio's"8) . Watch this space!


pollensaman 07-06-2005 01:34

Just had a phone call from the owner of Cliva restaurant in Pollensa www.puertopollensa.com/clivia/index.html who was thrilled to tell me that Princess Carolina of Monaco and Prince Ernst of Hannover dined there on Sunday night.

Sun Properties 07-06-2005 02:01

Rich & famous at PMI
Last year whilst waiting for the family at Palma airport I 'bumped' into Richard Branson (and wife) who had flown into PMI from London on an EasyJet flight. A person close to me asked him "why EasyJet" .... reply ... "do you think I would be stupid enough to use one of my own planes when you can get a flight at that price". He needed 2 taxis for his baggage (obviously paid overweight excess) for transport to his boat (Braveheart - 4 mil) in Palma harbour. The guy is, as we all know, well off ... good luck to him on the basis of his choice of a budget airline.


James 08-06-2005 08:07

Re: Rich & famous at PMI
As a third generation and life long Fulham fan (and also a regular at the Coral) I can confirm that the Maestro himself, Johnny Haynes, is a regular PP'er. I first met him at the Coral in 1987 and he returns year after year.... like the rest of us!!!

Johnny will forever be part of football history as the first player to earn 100 a week, but there was far more to him than the money his talents earned. He turned his back on the fortunes he could have received elsewhere, and remained loyal to Fulham where he spent his entire 18 year career.

Johnny Haynes was the first footballer to appear for England in every class of football available at the time when he represented his country at; school, youth, under 23, `B` and full international level, making his senior England debut, by the time he was 20, and scoring, in the 2-0 win over Northern Ireland. Five years later, in 1960, he was appointed England captain, succeeding Ronnie Clayton but it was events a year later that assured Johnny his place in football history when, following the abolition of the maximum wage, he became the first footballer to earn 100 per week.

1961 was also the year that saw Johnny become a key figure in the England midfield, alongside one of the other great players in Fulham's history, Bobby Robson, when the two players were at the heart of a record sequence of international results, with England winning consecutive matches; 5-2, 9-0, 4-2, 5-1, 9-3 and 8-0. The 9-3 win was over Scotland at Wembley and was perhaps the match in which Haynes was at his zenith. Johnny was also captain of the side in that record- breaking run and while his loyalty to Fulham meant years in the Second Division it certainly didn`t affect his international career. The last 22 of his 56 England appearances, including the 1962 World Cup, were as captain.

It`s most likely that Johnny would have won a greater number of caps but for a serious car accident in August 1962 which kept him out of football for a year. But it didn`t deter clubs trying to sign him and a year later Tottenham Hotspur, probably the best team in the land at the time, tried to sign Johnny with an offer that would have broken the transfer record but he decided to remain loyal to Fulham.

Haynes was a master of the long pass and he could also hit the net as well. In an 18 year league career Johnny scored 159 goals in 594 games and he also hit 18 for England.

After recovering from the accident he resumed his career with Fulham before a free-transfer enabled him to move to South Africa in 1970, where he ended his playing career with a championship medal with Durban City.

Not only did Johnny Haynes pave the way for the vast wages available to modern footballers in this country he also set high profile players on the road to the riches available through sponsorship as he was an early icon for Brylcreem haircream!

smiddy 10-06-2005 20:50

Re: Rich & famous at PMI
Nice post James, i was a young lad when England beat us 9-3, i remember i was watching the wrestling on the telly at the time and the commentator said it was 9-3, i honestly thought he was referring to a rugby match! Anyway i've since seen the game and at least 8 of the goals were off-side:lol

James 16-06-2005 07:23

Re: Rich & famous at PMI
So England should have won 4-0 then?!?!?!;)

pops 20-06-2005 20:44

Re: Rich & famous at PMI
We,ve seen a few celebs at Palma. Was on the same plane as the girl from changing rooms-can't think of her name, she's blonde and was also on I'm a celebrity get me out of here. They were doing a mallorcan changing rooms.Also last year was on same flight as the hairdresser (male) Nicky -someone can't think of his surname .Sorry I am useless at names but good at spotting people.Also seen the Mallorcan footie team flying out a few times, but 2 christmases ago we landed just before the Real Madrid team, Saw them all with the exception of Becks.

robjay 20-06-2005 23:56

Re: Rich & famous at PMI
Pops I'm so glad I'm not the only one that's totally hopeless for remembering names:rollin .
Take care.

smiddy 23-06-2005 18:35

Re: Rich & famous at PMI
Pops, I'm only pulling your leg but the thread does say "Rich and Famous". I could be on a jumbo jet full of "celebrities" from Changing Rooms/Big Brother/Love island etc, and honestly would never know. Think they should ask me for MY autograph! Big Smiddy, contributor to the world famous PP.com:lol

robjay 24-06-2005 06:34

Re: Rich & famous at PMI
Funny you should say that Smiddy but................ I was talking to someone about PP and the said do you know Smiddy:eek ?. I just had to pretend I did:eek . She said "He's my hero" and thenasked if I could get you autograph.
Please help me out Smiddy.


pops 24-06-2005 07:58

Re: Rich & famous at PMI
Smiddy, when you've got 3 kids, (2 teenagers)anyone from Big brother/celebritylove island /changing rooms etc ,sadly are about the most famous they know.you'll love this one-when we were at Stansted on the way to Palma a couple of years ago we met Anthony Costa from Blue (heard of him?).
I'm off to PP in a few hours see if can spot any 'real' rich and famous and report back to you!

smiddy 24-06-2005 16:52

Re: Rich & famous at PMI
Likewise Pops, My daughter needs two televisions to watch them all. I remember a couple of years back, the final was shown over in the Rovers Return, you couldn't get near the place, they were out in the street it was so busy. Some people were actualy crying ! "It's so emotional, says one"

robjay 25-06-2005 17:49

Re: Rich & famous at PMI
Trying hard not to imagine Smiddy standing outside the Rovers Return, Quing to get in and sobbing into his beer. Tell me it's not true Smiddy.

debz1 24-07-2005 03:16

Re: Rich & famous at PMI
On the easyjet flight last night back to Luton was Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet. He looked the same as ever, good looking in a bit a 'slicked back' way! >D

Have any more famous faces been spotted recently by anyone?


robjay 24-07-2005 03:23

Re: Rich & famous at PMI
That wasn't Tony hadley it was mee!. I was too shy to ask if it were you :( . chat sson


debz1 24-07-2005 03:43

Re: Rich & famous at PMI
You didn't look as good in the flesh as you do in your picture!!!:D


robjay 24-07-2005 04:43

Re: Rich & famous at PMI
I wear a lot of makeup for photo shoots debz.

Tangofan 02-09-2005 04:44

Re: Rich & famous at PMI
We saw three (moderately) famous people in one day last month. We saw Paul Ross (Jonathan's brother) in one of the "postcard and souvenir" shops near the roundabout with his daughters and later on during the evening we were in Tots and Jake and Simon from the BBC Saturday Show strolled past. Apparently they were recording a programme on the beach and it was broadcast on Saturday morning but there was no picture on our tv but we could hear it. We took a stroll along the beach (Burger King end) and saw a big stand being dismantled so I don't know if this was anything to do with it. Does anybody know?
Also one of our son's friends saw Peter Stringfellow that week at the marina looking for "eats" (his words). He was with his (very young) girlfriend wearing Prada trainers and a tiger skin shirt - thank goodness he didn't have that thong on.

Lady Pollenca 02-09-2005 05:48

Re: Rich & famous at PMI
John Prescott and his wife were in Palma airport in July when we were homeward bound. Afew years ago 'fun in the sun' did a week in PP, it was held on the beach near the Voramar supermarket and various people got their makeup etc done in our hotel, Mr Motivator, Annabel Croft, Ricki Martin, Ross Kelly, Martin Frizzell ( Fiona's husband off GMTV) Mandy Smith(I think thats what she's called) and no show without punch Peter Stringfellow with his rather large yacht, he seems to get everywhere!

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