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pollensa 10-10-2005 23:54

New - Talk of the North On-Line
http://www.puertopollensa.com/Images/talknorth.jpgPuertopollensa.com is pleased to announce its publication of the on-line version of Talk of the North the new FREE fortnighly newsletter published every other Wednesday.

You will now be able to read a selection of articles from previous issues.

But to read the Latest News do pick up your copy of the printed newsletter available at many outlets.

GaryOB 13-12-2005 22:59

Talk of the North
Hello to those at Talk of the North.
May I ask when issue 7 will be available on-line?
I am actually booking a party of boys to visit Port Pollenca FC in early FC thus your article on Soccer Squads would be of interest to me.
Hopefully, I will come online to the Forum once I have spoken with the Port Pollenca FC organisers as I would appreciate tips for what to do with my boys when we visit. My boys are 10/11 years olds.
Gary :)

pollensa 13-12-2005 23:58

Re: Talk of the North
Hi there,

we at puertollensa.com publish the on-line version of Talk of the North (a selection of the articles) as promptly as we can so it should be within the next few days. Do bear in mind that we only publish back-issues online & not the current one that is available at the outlets.


pollensa 16-12-2005 02:09

Re: Talk of the North
Issues 7 & 8 are now available on-line at www.puertopollensa.com/talkofthenorth/index.html

GaryOB 17-12-2005 01:38

Talk of the North
Thanks for the feedback Pollenca

Have seen the article.
Now I just have to get a copy of the Port Pollenca FC magazine you refer to, hopefully I can get my Sister or Parents in Law to pick up a copy.

As it happens I had one of the local organisers call me last night to check some of the arrangements so the visit is coming together nicely.


ann 27-12-2005 02:22

talk of north
Hi Gary
I'm Ann MacDonald and publish Talk of the North. Juan Aguilar of the Puerto Pollensa Football Club has told me of your forthcoming visit, and you can be sure it will feature prominently in the paper.
Look forward to meeting you

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