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bee66 15-10-2006 23:46

anyone on line at the moment. Programme on bbc 2 @5.30pm on the widlife of majorca. I've a feeling its a repeat but we will watch it anyway !:D

pollensa 15-10-2006 23:47

Thank you Bee.

Here's a summary:

Wild Mallorca:
A unique island tour of the Mediterranean's Galapagos, seen through the eyes of local people and full of the rare wildlife they are helping to protect. Midwife toads still sing in mountain canyons, and black vultures are the emblem of the mountain people. Offshore, protected islets are release sites for rescued loggerhead turtles and home to friendly lizards and endangered Balearic shearwaters. And next to the high rise hotels is the Albufera swamp, home to purple swamp hens and egret colonies.

bee66 16-10-2006 00:48

Sorry!! didn't realise that some people think darts are more important than Majorca, and we know thats not true:rolleyes

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