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10jones 11-08-2007 06:41

New to PP
.Hi there

We are coming out to PP next week and staying in the area opposite the public swimming pool/tennis courts.It is the first time for us, we are really looking forward to it. Could any one tell me what the main road is like to cross, we have looked at Google Earth, it looks pretty difficult (like a dual carriageway here). Also is it a bit of a walk to the seafront and marina? Are there any restaurants close by?

All help and advice would be appreciated :D

snowy2007 11-08-2007 07:24

To cross the main road you put one foot in front of the other, only joking.
You are the beach side of the road about 10 minutes max to square and beach great spot to stay do have a great time and relax and enjoy.

Lala70w 11-08-2007 17:32

As Snowy says - you won't need to cross the road! (Even if you did it isn't terribly busy and has some pellican crossings)

You are in a good spot with just a short walk to the main square and all its restaurants and bars (and there will be some on the way) and the beach is just 2 mins beyond the Square.

Do check out Jane's restaurant guide for some notes on all the fab places to eat - and have a brilliant holiday (As Arnie once said "You'll be back"!) ;)

10jones 11-08-2007 17:33

Thanks for that reply Snowy. I think I may have given the wrong impression, the road I'm referring to is the new road from Caprabo roundabout heading to Formentor. We are near the second large roundabout after Caprabo, where you go right round almost back on yourself in the Siller/Boquer area We were told there is a public swimming pool around there? On Google earth, as you go from Caprabo to the second large roundabout,(heading towards Formentor) if you turn left at this roundabout the road takes you down towards the square, and further on down towards the marina. Hope I haven't confused people now! Lol! My main worry is, is it a dangerous road to cross?:eek

10jones 11-08-2007 17:35

Thanks too Lala, we must have posted at the same time!:D

Lala70w 11-08-2007 17:41

Na - its not Magaluf - the road is fine! Enjoy!:rollin

sandy 11-08-2007 19:17

Our apartment is also near that road. Although its a dual carraigeway, you'll be lucky if you see 3 cars in a row, its so quiet! And you'll only need to cross it if you want a wander in the countryside. :)

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