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bee66 25-12-2007 01:31

FAO itscd
I noticed on your post that have put the accent in prospero and also on ano. Where can I find these on my keyboard?

its cd 26-12-2007 19:59

I cheated and cut and pasted from a greeting already sent to me , however, it can be done, see instructions below

1. Press and hold down the ALT key while you type the following four number code on the side
number pad.

2. Release the ALT key and the Spanish symbol or letter appears. For example, press and hold the ALT key while you type 0225, release the ALT and you have .

Continue the same process for the following Spanish accented letters.
Key + # = Symbol
Alt 0225 0193
Alt 0233 0201
Alt 0237 0205
Alt 0243 0211
Alt 0250 0218
Alt 0161
Alt 0191
Alt 0241 0209
Alt 0252 0220

Zurdo 26-12-2007 23:20

An easier method is to hold down the Alt Gr key (on my ketboard it's on the right next to the space bar) and type the vowel. It'll give ,,,, and .
For the other symbols hold down the alt key and use the number pad on the right of the keyboard ( not the numbers across the top! So-
Alt + 164 = , Alt + 165 = , Alt +168 = , Alt + 173=.
It's just a matter of writing down the numbers 'cos no way can I remember them when I need them.
Que tengas un buen da! y Feliz Navidad. :D

Mariquita 27-12-2007 02:12

Rather than typing directly into the forum, you can copy and paste from your message created in Microsoft Word. You can then chose easily the characters you require from the Microsoft Word menu:

Normal text (in the font scroll box)
Scroll down to select the character you require

bee66 28-12-2007 05:22

fao itscd
gracias mi amigos!!

Zurdo 29-12-2007 00:22

Re: fao itscd
De nada :rollin

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