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jandj 10-04-2019 10:32

Bob Mc-Callum
Hi, not been on the forum for a while, but wondered if anyone can help with a question about Bob Mc-Callum. We bought our Apartment from Bob a few years ago and always made the point of dropping in to see him whenever we were out in PP, but hadn't been back out for several months until last week to find his estate agent office shut with a message on the door from Nicki his Daughter saying he had passed away, so were in deep shock and sadness. Tried her number but got no answer but didn't really want to bother her. Can anyone shine any light on when he passed away and what happened to him, always relied on him as a huge source of advise and always extremely helpful.
Lovely chap and a great character.
RIP Bob.

debz1 10-04-2019 11:06

Bob passed away last October after a long illness. We saw him in September and it was only a couple of weeks later we heard he had died. We were also very sad. We had known Bob for about 20 years and also bought our apartment through him. You could always rely on him for a few good stories and all the local news!

He was certainly a character and his presence will be sorely missed around the Port 😞

jandj 10-04-2019 11:13

Many thanks for the update, we must have also seen him around that time and he did complain about unable to shift a bad cough, bless him.
Great loss.
Appreciate your help.

Sparky 10-04-2019 11:16

I believe Nicki is running a business from a shop next to Marc's (Nico's).

hadlowsue 10-04-2019 15:02

We also met Bob several times when we were apartment hunting in Spring last year. He was a lovely man but did seem quite unwell. I was very sad to hear from Niki that he had died. She appears to be running a property maintenance / cleaning / management operation in PP so is still very much around and involved. If you want her email address then do let me know as she is definitely still working (she is doing some bits & pieces for us).

Disorderly 10-04-2019 16:19

Bob was a lovely guy and looked after our apartment. Happily Niki has set up McCallum Homes, with an office (as Sparky says) in the street leading to the square where Hibiscus is on the corner. She’s now taken over key holding our place, and has organised some work on our terrace too. Highly recommended and as lovely as her late father (though a bit more organised.....sorry Bob! ��).

Peggy1 07-08-2019 10:20

Yes, I can also recommend Niki. It was Bob's wish that she took on the business after he sadly passed away.
Very efficient and organised and a lovely person.

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