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tangofan 21-09-2016 17:52

New main bus stop.
Is there any news about the buses moving from Roger de Flor?

Sparky 21-09-2016 18:30

The last i heard was that it is planned to move it during the winter.

Luckjon 26-09-2016 21:44

I have just walked by the old bus station and there is a new sign there stating that the Roger de Flor site is now the permanent location for the bus station.

MPH133 27-09-2016 08:36


Rosie34 27-09-2016 15:04

I really wish they would move the bus stop/station back to where it was - it was such a logical place - lots of seating, under cover, very central, near the tourist office - and everyone knew where it was - or could find it easily. Why put it right at the back of the town near residential property. Doesnt make sense:confused:

arturo22 27-09-2016 16:40

very little the local council says and does makes sense unfortunately !

Sparky 27-09-2016 18:21

I have received this message today (translated by Google) :-


Hi Lyn, the plan to move the stop goes ahead but is subject to not lose parking spaces in the port and the station project being undertaken by the Transport Consortium will determine the space needed to stop. Greetings.

tangofan 27-09-2016 20:07

I am a little confused here. Is the sign that Luckjon has seen an official notice from the bus company? And does the message that Sparky received when it says plans to move the bus stops mean from Roger de Flor to elsewhere - not sure this message makes sense unless I am being a bit thick although it may have got a bit lost in translation

Sparky 28-09-2016 00:10

As i understand it the bus stop will move to an area beside the by-pass, see here :- http://www.forum.puertopollensa.com/...ion-stops.html, it will not return to it's old position on the front.

Molt de Renou 28-09-2016 08:02

The sign is in various languages, including of course, Spanish and Catalan.

Itīs true that the English version states "permanently", but both the Spanish and Catalan ones only say "trasladado" which means "moved to".

No mention of "definitivamente" ( permanently) .................yet.

copper 28-09-2016 09:45

Still saw lots of people waiting for buses by the old stops at the roundabout

Signs we saw werent very big We saw enormous crowds waiting at the new bus stops as weather was changeable on our last visit and did feel sorry for the people who lived there and it had been imposed on

sws97sdg 28-09-2016 10:05

Some of them could have been from the tour busses, they have been using the old stop for picking up and dropping off for the boat trips and visiting the port.

ab11 09-02-2017 11:52

Following from the Front Works post, is there any news or chatter going on (locally not available to those of us in the UK) about the bus situation?

Surely they can't plan having the stop behind the church for another year. Have any works that were proposed for the car park/ bypass area begun at all?

Sparky 09-02-2017 11:57

There has been nothing recently, the last i heard was they were waiting for a decision from the Transport Consortium :rolleyes:.

ab11 09-02-2017 12:14


That sounds like another year of noise, fumes, busted tarmac and traffic chaos then.

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