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Miscellaneous Use this area ONLY if you can't find a suitable home for your topic. We'll create a new area if necessary and reserve the right to move topics to more suitable areas. Only post regarding the Pollensa area. This is not a forum for general discussion.

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Old 19-09-2015, 23:02
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: N Ireland
Posts: 426
Default Holiday for One in PP

After 25 years of holidays, first as a family and then as a single Mum with kids, I've always thought there'd come a time when I'd visit PP on my own, in fact I've quite looked forward to it! But every time I planned a trip someone always insisted on coming along 'just to keep me company'!! A year ago I booked 2 weeks in October 2015, certain no one else would want to come with me - wrong!! Both daughters and my sister are now joining me, but I will be spending the first 6 days by myself. I'll be staying B&B, moving to an apartment once the others arrive, which I think is the best of both worlds and I'm really looking forward to it all now.

Just wondered if anyone else had holidayed in PP alone and how they'd got on. I enjoy my own company but the only daunting part for me is eating out on my own in the evenings, however, if all else fails, a bottle of wine, a packet of crisps, a book and that sea view from the balcony will more than suffice I'm sure. Any advice appreciated.
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Old 20-09-2015, 08:53
CathB's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Ammanford,Carmarthenshire
Posts: 1,312

There are so many places where we have seen women dining on their own..I think most restaurants,cafes etc as so friendly and accomodating that you would not feel out of place
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Eating Out
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Old 20-09-2015, 09:57
debz1's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Buckinghamshire
Posts: 2,931

I'm sure you will have a fantastic time for those 6 days. As much as I love having friends and family to stay, I sometimes long for peace and solitude. It can get very tiring when you are tour guide and entertainments manager!

As Cath said PP is such a friendly place that I'm sure you wouldn't feel odd eating out alone. As like most of us regulars you will be a familiar face in many restaurants, so will immediately feel at ease. I'm not sure where you're staying but if you decided to stay in some nights Al Fresco has such great takeaway food that you'd have tastier options than crisps to go with your wine
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Old 20-09-2015, 10:09
Sparky's Avatar
Super Moderator
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Port de Pollença
Posts: 18,132

LK, send me a PM of the dates when you are alone and we will arrange a night out together .
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Living the dream in PP with my glass half full. "Resistiré" .
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Old 20-09-2015, 11:04
Join Date: May 2010
Location: N.Ireland
Posts: 289

Have always wanted to stay for a while on my own answerable to no one not having to make sure they're all right first, sounds weird but I do enjoy my own company. Last year I stayed with my son and his girlfriend for a few days, ate on my own a couple of times and everyone was fantastic at the restaurants, went to the beach and walking every day read loads absolute bliss, would love to do it again if only I can offload the family. Enjoy the little time of peace by yourself do have a great time.
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Old 20-09-2015, 12:35
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: N Ireland
Posts: 426

Thanks so much for your lovely replies, not sure why I was letting a few doubts creep in since I chose to do this, but feel 100% reaassured now.

Thanks Sparky.....I will....can't wait
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Old 20-09-2015, 12:36
favie's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 644

We booked our holiday very late last year which resulted in only managing to get the last week of the school holidays. I really hate going for just a week so booked two and hubby would return with Granddaughter after the week leaving me on my own!! I'll be fine thought I, love PP, see many folk on their own, what was there to worry about. After a brilliant time with the three of us plus 6 other family members, as all their departures were looming nearer I was dreading it and even considered changing my flight!
Well thank goodness I never as I had the most enjoyable time, spent days lying by the pool at Laguna getting served refreshments in a lovely quiet relaxing atmosphere or down at my favourite spot on the Pinewalk taking in and appreciating even more that fabulous view. On my first night eating out, I admit, was going to be rather daunting for me but I needn't have worried, though I did choose wisely, avoiding all the packed restaurants full of large parties and sat myself down at The Capri where I tucked myself in at a little inner table and had the most enjoyable meal, in fact got chatting to a lady, also on her own for a few nights and we arranged to dine together the next evening at Stay! Magic! Walked past Capri another night and my little table was vacant so another fine meal. Another night The Bahia offered me the table of my choice. By this time I was an expert on my own, going for breakfast and lunches, mainly only nibbles on the apartment balcony. The night didn't stop after the meal either, a couple of evenings I sat outside the Illa D'or enjoying a nightcap and appreciating the sounds of their live entertainment or the Laguna doing likewise then up to the apartment to look forward to my next day. Market day was brilliant, after breakfast at Dolc Sa Pobla did a bit of shopping, stopped at Bar Cultural for refreshment,where I chatted to an expat, before catching bus to Pollenca where just had to have my favourite meal at my favourite restaurant, Ca'n Olesa, being on my own was not going to disallow that treat, anyway as I said I had become an expert. Would I do it again? Yes, if it ever becomes the only way to see Puerto Pollensa. So, as Debz and Pip say.....enjoy the peace and suiting yourself for that short time....it was Bliss.
Footnote: It was only on my last evening that I yearned for family company!😊
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Last edited by favie; 20-09-2015 at 12:51.
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Old 20-09-2015, 12:55
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Newtownards
Posts: 28

I was in the same position 3 years ago and was worried about eating alone. Don't worry. You get the same great welcome in your favourite restaurants, no one stares at you (which was my big worry) as everyone else was enjoying their own meals.

I've since gone to PP on my own another 4 times and had a great time every time. It sounds selfish but you can do what you want, when you want.

Have a lovely time
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Old 20-09-2015, 15:35
Gommar Goffer's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: PP permanently
Posts: 1,581

LK - you certainly do not have to be at all apprehensive about being in the port on your own and eating as a single diner. There are so many people in similar circumstances that it is the norm.
To be able to just people watch in peace and quiet is great and you can do every thing at your own pace and whim!
When my situation changed I was quite worried, especially as my confidence was at an all time low - I needn't have and I now look forward to my 'me' time in PP
Have a great time
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Old 20-09-2015, 17:39
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: N Ireland
Posts: 426

Honestly can't thank you all enough for your replies and good advice - I'm not worried about eating out now, but will choose where I go wisely, as Favie suggests. 'Me' time is so rare for most of us these days, I'm determined to enjoy being a little selfish for a change - whether the family likes it or not (opinion is divided!) and not worry about the dining out.

As has been said, the beauty of PP for most of us on here is that there are familiar faces everywhere and friends too if we need them.
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Old 20-09-2015, 20:09
Join Date: Oct 2011
Posts: 127

You go for it girl!!!...enjoy yourself.
When me and the ex split up about 7 years ago i went over to PP for a week on my own (i was about 47 at the time). Overall I had a great time and do like being alone, although a couple of times felt a little lonely.
Eating out was a bit of hurdle - but my favourite part of being in the port so got on with it. One night was particularly funny, i was in Hell's Kitchen and there was a couple of couples in, I had a little chat with the chef from St.Helens then sat down and was thoroughly enjoying me meal when a lovely old lady walked in, who I'd guess was in her late 70s and was obviously a regular. After being well welcomed by all the staff the chef shouted out:
" hey, Jean (not sure that was her name) - why don't you sit with the sad scouser over there - he's all on his lonesomes "!!!! the laughter around the restaurant covered the sound of me choking on me lamb chops!!!!
It was a great night...and summed up the friendliness of people in our beloved PP.
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Old 22-09-2015, 08:24
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Central Scotland
Posts: 116

LK, met you a few years ago...World Cup year I'm sure. I thought you might have been Lorraine Kelly! Would love to meet for a coffee or lunch? Out 3rd for a week xx
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Old 22-09-2015, 21:05
Join Date: Aug 2009
Posts: 54

Just wanted to reaasure any one on their own, pp is a great place to be on your own, very safe, friendly and there are lots of places to eat and relax, and I really don't think anyone will stand out now, so many tables for one. Yoh will be made welcome wherever you go.
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Old 22-09-2015, 23:29
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: N Ireland
Posts: 426

Again, thanks all for taking the time to reply with such encouraging messsages. Anne10aber, yes I remember! Sadly it was me and not Lorraine! I'm out from 4th and would be lovely to meet up again. Will PM you
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Old 25-09-2015, 18:46
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Central Scotland
Posts: 116

LK sent you a private message x
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