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Sparky 31-12-2012 10:16

Who is out in February?
Anyone visiting in February, do let us know here :D.

Mark 02-01-2013 15:31

We are :D

Towards the end for a one week big birthday holiday :D

roig cat 05-01-2013 18:38

We are out again 16th to 21st (couldn't get the full week off work :() Hoping for a slightly warmer week than same time last year but booked a town house with central heating just in case. :D

The Wheelers 05-02-2013 19:14

we are over at the end of feb for a week and looking forward to some sunshine & cycling

Mark 05-02-2013 23:47

That's three of us for February :) I'm the one in the flowery shirt :)

Mark 16-02-2013 18:12

Suitcases down from the loft, :) not long now until Friday 22nd :)

Maxalan1 16-02-2013 18:32

We fly back on 22nd. Music nights starting soon will let you know.

Dos Hermanas. X

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