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Sparky 04-01-2022 11:03

Who is out in February ?.
Is anyone coming out in February ?

bobley 04-01-2022 12:40

Just cancelled Jan flights, feb may be too soon. Things are a bit risky at the moment with about 1 in 30 having covid in Uk. Easyjet have cancelled all Luton-PMI flights for a few weeks. Also, looking on the Pollenca facebook pages, there's a lot of local backlash to many events so I think I'll let things calm down a bit.

Rockape 04-01-2022 13:54

I had booked a long weekend in Feb, a while back, but no decisions on going yet. Was thinking it was a chance to get a few things done to the place, but may be too much of a pain!

shotokan 12-01-2022 20:24

We'll be in the port for Feb... living a pretty quiet, safe existence.

A glass in hand is all that's needed!

kazzergardner 13-01-2022 13:11

Arriving Saturday and staying until the middle of Feb, so looking forward to it!

Disorderly 13-01-2022 18:46

Hoping to be out at the end of the month.

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