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Sparky 31-12-2020 23:54

Happy New Year.
https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/...eaea224a_z.jpghappy-new-year-eve-wishes-2019-12 by lyn.sparkes, on Flickr

This last year has been hellish so here's hoping 2021 is better and you all get to visit PP again :D.

Lorenzo 01-01-2021 01:07

Happy new year to you too Sparky and Colin! thanks for all you do on this forum. :D

PPToni 01-01-2021 03:30

Happy New Year 🎉🎉
Wishing you all health and happiness in 2021.
Its got to be better than 2020🤗

Love from

Toni & Russ

ragdollabbi 01-01-2021 11:03

Wishing everyone a Happy, Safe and Peaceful New Year!🎉🥂

animagic21 01-01-2021 17:45

Happy 2021 Lyn & Colin. Stay safe & hope this will be a better year for everyone. xx

lovethepinewalk 01-01-2021 18:04

Hello all and A Very Happy New Year to you all..

Thank-you Sparky, PP Toni and all for all your great work and endeavour with the Forum website over the years, it is great to read different posts every day.

Vaccine permitting, we intend to visit in June for a week, September for a week, and October for the whole month.

Stay safe, and we will all enjoy PP again in the not too distant future..

icampbell15 01-01-2021 18:11

Happy New Year to everyone in Puerto Pollensa!
Special thanks to Sparky for keeping us in touch with the ever changing situation over there. I don't often post but the website certainly kept me going over the past months. We can't wait to get back to visit our favourite restaurants but I worry some may not survive. We always enjoyed the old Nicos and then Marc's Restaurant. It must be so hard for them after biting the bullet and taking over the restaurant!
Thanks again to everyone for the posts. Here's hoping the future will bring better times for us all. Take care.

debz1 01-01-2021 18:36

Happy New Year Sparky and to everyone on this forum ������

Here’s to a much happier and brighter year ahead for all of us, and hoping we can get back to beautiful PP as soon a possible ��

debz1 01-01-2021 18:39

My emojis didnít work in my last post but here they are now!!! 🥂🎉🍾🎊🥰

scotslizzy 01-01-2021 21:10

Happy New Year to you all
and as ever "Lang may yer lum Reek "


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