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Smiddy 13-10-2012 09:56

Dialysis in Mallorca
Those of you who have been paying attention:) will recall i posted 6 months ago that my transplanted kidney failed after 13 yrs and i would no longer be able to just jump on a plane to PP on a whim!

Well the NHS pay for you to have your treatment over in Mallorca for 2 weeks, and i managed to come over 23/9-6/10, they arranged for 3 sessions a week Mon, Weds, FRi. I was picked up from my apartment and transported to the clinic in Inca and returned to the apartment after dialysis. The treatment was excellent and the staff were lovely people.
We picked up one or two other patients on the way to the clinic, it was very theraputic driving through the little villages, the weather was wonderful, all the tourists had more or less gone.
When i returned to PP i simply headed down the beach or sat at the pool, obviously the days i wasn't on dialysis were my own.

All-in -all i had a wonderful time, the hospital visits were but a blip (5 hours a day) i enjoyed myself every bit as much as any other holiday, a few g&ts at night and plenty of lovely food. As there is a fluid restriction involved with kidney failure i even had the restaurants trained to give me only one ice cube

I kept really well, better than i'd felt for years, and had a wonderful holiday. But, i haven't posted just to talk about me, it's to encourage others who may be unsure to go on holiday because of illness, as long as the doc says ok and the ins people are happy then don't hestitate, it will do you the world of good.

Sparky 13-10-2012 11:19

And it was great to see you looking so well Smiddy :D.

Just one question, was this 2 week course of treatment a one off or are you entitled to 2 weeks per year?.

eleanor 13-10-2012 11:28

This is an inspiration Smiddy and well done you! I'm sure it was probably a little of a worry as it was your first time. Now you will have the added confidence to get on that plane again. I'm so pleased that you were abe to enjoy your holiday. A positive for being part of the EEC too.

Smiddy 13-10-2012 13:37


Originally Posted by sparky (Post 76937)
And it was great to see you looking so well Smiddy :D.

Just one question, was this 2 week course of treatment a one off or are you entitled to 2 weeks per year?.

It will be at least every year Sparky, i picked up a few phone numbers of the co-ordinators and will speak to them about getting over on a more regular basis, may have to pay for that, i don't know yet! I'm on the transplant list and ,god willing, i'll get another one, which will restore my health. You can't keep a good man down;)

PP76 13-10-2012 20:10

Great to hear you were able to return to PP and that everything went so well:)
Best wishes for the future.


Smiddy 12-03-2013 12:33

Well! Let's have an update! One or 2 wee blips, but fit again and ready for another visit to PP. The golden ticket is the E111, if it's just a normal clinic then this will suffice, (private clinics you have to pay) just get the hospital to give a months notice and provided the spaces are available then everything is arranged for you, the normal clinics are fine. So, booked and ready for 10th-20th April, summer still to be arranged. Nothing changes, onwards and upwards.

As the last time was my first you learn from your experiance, it was good getting picked up by the ambulance, but this added about an hour each way, think i'll hire a car this time and just drive to the clinic in Inca.

Sparky 12-03-2013 13:12

Smiddy that's great, i am looking forward to seeing you and Mrs Smiddy again :D:D.

star81 12-03-2013 21:34

Really pleased to hear you have some holidays booked. Hope you enjoy yourself in April.

Am sure your advice is helpful and reassuring to those in the same position as yourself.

Take care,


PP76 12-03-2013 22:43

Have a great time Smiddy,
Best wishes. PP76

Smiddy 13-03-2013 00:50

Thanks for all the good wishes, i'm really looking forward to the holiday, and Mrs Smiddy is as well, very important the helper gets away as much as possible, important to remember illness not just about one person! Should anybody have the unfortunate situation if they do get ill it's always uplifting to know something that means so much to you , like PP,does not get taken away, there's a lot of help out there, a lot of encouragement.

p briddock 19-10-2013 15:09

found your experience of dialysis in majorca very uplifting as i may need it myself in the future and was dreading not visiting pp again This gives me new hope Thank you. Pauline Briddock Sheffield

p briddock 19-10-2013 15:17

when will i know that my post has been approved.Pauline Briddock

Sparky 19-10-2013 15:36

Hello Pauline and welcome to the forum, sadly our friend Smiddy passed away in July after returning home from another trip to PP. He always said that the treatment he received in Inca was fantastic, so do please continue to visit, like him i am sure you won't regret it :).

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