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Jazzy-B 18-06-2012 09:04

Medical Emergency!
OH decided to almost slice his finger off yesterday (with my new gardening knife :eek:!). Resulting in a 45 mile round trip to A & E and four stitches. Said
stitches need to come out in ten days, whilst we're in PP:D. Help please - where in PP can this be done? Can we just walk in? English speaking? Will it cost? What information will we need to take with us? And finally - exact address please?

Thanks so much.

Sparky 18-06-2012 09:44

Not too sure about this one.
There is a private doctor in C/Ponent just across from Bonys and next door to Dakota Tex/Mex because it's a pre-existing problem your travel insurance might not cover the cost.
If you have an EHIC you can go to the medical centre in C/Vicenc Buades, next door to the swimming pool, you will need to go there first to make an appointment of course this might not be on the exact day that the stitches should come out, take the EHIC and passport. I hope this helps :).

lollipop 18-06-2012 09:53

I would say go the health centre as advised by Sparky and ask for appointment with the nurse. (cita para enfermera). Make sure you have your EHIC.

Jazzy-B 18-06-2012 10:44

Thank you both for that. I didn't know where the medical centre is. OH says
'We'll just boil up a pair of scissors and take them out ourselves.' :eek:

joelise80 18-06-2012 20:35

Ask your practice nurse or district nurse for a suture pack and an Inadine dressing to have with just in case - do not use scissors ;) at least if you have the equipment with you it might work out cheaper...

San Miguel 18-06-2012 22:14

Stitches out!
I agree with Sparky too. Go to the Health Centre.
Take your European Health Card and your passsport and make an appointment to see the nurse to have your stitches out.

Spain isn't a third world country. The health care is as good as the UK. Having your stitches out is not a big deal. Think what you would do in the UK and do something similar here.

I hope this is useful.


San Miguel.

Jazzy-B 20-06-2012 09:42

Have been in touch with my local health centre and they will provide us with a suture removal pack, as suggested by joelise80. Once again, trusty forum members came to the rescue! Thanks everyone for your help.

easylife1 21-06-2012 19:53

medical emergency
As a nurse I would say that you should forget any ideas of DIY - removal by a professional is much less risky. Suture removal IS a simple process but that doesn't mean there is no knowledge or skill required. The skill is in knowing where to cut the suture and thus, when actually pulling the suture out, avoid exposing the healing wound to infection from unsterile suture material. You really need two steady hands to do this properly and is much easier with a stitch cutter blade than scissors, even specially shaped suture scissors.

Hope everything goes well


Jazzy-B 21-06-2012 20:30

Thanks for that advice Heather. I have been into my health centre today and
had a 'lesson' on how to remove the sutures - even drawings provided - and given my suture pack. Practice nurse interrogated me adequately to feel comfortable we wouldn't take a hacksaw to them there stitches! Thanks for taking the trouble to 'worry' about us!

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