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mike_dublin 02-10-2018 07:58

new Pollensa health centre


President Armengol announced yesterday that the new health centre in Pollensa will have 24 consulting rooms and be three times larger than the current centre. It will cost 1.8 million euros, and construction is due to start next September. The building plan is expected to be finalised in February.

Health minister Patricia Gómez thanked Pollensa town hall for its commitment to the project. The town hall has ceded the site to the health ministry - Can Conill on the calle Cecilio Metelo, which is currently used as a car park. ...

... Opposition parties at the town hall disagree with the location for the new centre. They argue that there is a more suitable site on the much larger Can Bach plot, which the town hall acquired earlier this year for more than half a million euros. It is behind the Renault garage on the same road as Can Conill and is also used for parking.


see full article on the MDB website

bobley 02-10-2018 08:04

The site isn't bad as it's bang next to the bus stop but it's a shame they will tear up the car park which has only been surfaced in the last couple of years. Also losing about 100 car park spaces is going to be tricky in the summer. Hopefully they've got a plan for a new car park. If they resurface the Renault car park it will cost them a wedge too and i wouldn't want them to start charging as that's where i dump my rental car and was still considering buying an old snotter to leave there..

lollipop 02-10-2018 21:26

They have purchased the "Renault" carpark to replace the other one and I am sure there will be some parking spaces available in front/behind of the health centre.

bobley 03-10-2018 11:39

There are going to be 32 car park spaces in front of the medical centre but these won't be for general use. The question is whether they will resurface and mark out the Renault car park to improve its utilisation, and if they do then they might start charging to recoup costs. They'll def have to do something as the EV charging points will be lost from the old car park. Not complaining about this. Just saying...

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