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Millie50 27-08-2011 20:17

What to bring?
Me and hubby are planning to move over to the PP area next year. Plans are already being made, however I would like to ask about the experiences of those who have made the move. Any advice on what to bring? What to get rid of before we set off on our trip? and what the first few weeks will be like? (the last Q is probably impossible to answer on behalf of someone else i know, but i am really interested in your views and experiences!). We are both very positive about the move although will be leaving our grown up kids and two grandchildren.
Thanks in anticipation!

lollipop 27-08-2011 22:46

Millie50, I guess it depends on whether your house/apartment is furnished or not. When we moved 4 yrs ago we only bought personal items and a limited amount of kitchen things, a few special ornaments,photo's mainly condensed onto discs. We were very ruthless with getting rid of stuff but we knew we had limited space. We left behind 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren but with no regrets as we now spend quality time with them. In the first few weeks we were busy choosing and buying a new kitchen and flooring for the lounge so had a project. We then got out and about and tried to meet people. There is lots to do depending on your interest, don't be afraid to speak to people that you see sitting having cofee or a drink. Good Luck .

barefoot 28-08-2011 08:48

In addition to what Lollipop says, if you intend buying/moving to a place without furniture, I would highly recommend bringing your own with you. The cost of removals from the UK isn't astronomical, but the cost of new furniture on the island can be a bit on the high side, and from a psychological point of view, if you have all your possessions about you, you'll feel immediately 'at home'. Get out and about and meet people - we're a very friendly bunch.

Sparky 28-08-2011 09:20

Millie you must be so excited, i know i was when we were planning our move. You don't say if you are driving over or flying but we drove and our Carlton estate was packed to the gunnels.
I would advise you to bring your small electrical gadgets (especially kitchen stuff) with you as they are much more expensive to buy here.
If you have any more questions please just ask on here or send me a PM, i will do my best to answer. Happy planning and do keep us informed on your progress :D.

Millie50 28-08-2011 09:43

Thanks for all replies this is really helpful. We intend to drive down with our small dog, who doesn't seem to mind being in the car as long as she is near me! I think I would like to bring as much furniture as possible, so we may well have to get a company to do that part of the move. We do have a place that has a minimum of furniture, but i agree with barefoot i would like all my homely things around me, as I know I will be homesick to begin with anyway.
Thanks once again

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