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garoda 16-02-2010 01:01

Painter/Decorator wanted
Can anyone recomend a painter/decorator who could do some wallpapering for us in the Port?



Belladonna 16-02-2010 12:42

Just a thought - do you really want wallpaper? As you know, it can get pretty damp and cold, and the walls often are not finished with a good damp course on them and have to often be replastered. Not too bad if its just paint, but to wallpaper again????
But I'm sure what ever you decide the Property Services link will be helpful for you as posted by Pollensa.

eleanor 16-02-2010 13:05

Ahh yes, Bella. I remember when we had our apartment the people next door wallpapered their lounge and when they returned from the UK it had gone black and peeled off in lots of places. I suppose if you live in PP you should be ok.

pollensa 16-02-2010 13:24

If you read through the posts in this section various people are mentioned including Paul of Project They do painting & decorating although as mentioned I've rarely seen wallpaper in the area.

ray 16-02-2010 14:30


Originally Posted by garoda (Post 39933)
Can anyone recomend a painter/decorator who could do some wallpapering for us in the Por


Forget wallpaper,especially if you are only here part time,Humidad, the great Mallorcan excuse for everything from phones not working to paint peeling to wallpaper falling off to cars not starting to supermarket queues,soorry forget the supermarket,I wa just getting carried away, but humidity is often in the 80s and damp here

Sparky 16-02-2010 15:12

Hi Garoda,
I have to agree, wallpaper is not a good idea in PP. If you don't like plain painted walls, just hang some paintings or photos.

Belladonna 16-02-2010 15:16

We have had to had one inside wall taken back to the brick work and have a waterproof base put on, then repainted over. This wall gets the wind and the rain from the mountains and obviously the sea. Every year we have scraped it back and repainted for the season, but this year decided to bite the bullet, flash the cash, and sort it out properly. Hopefully!:o

Nick 16-02-2010 18:09

I wholeheartedly agree with everyone on here re not having wallpaper. Anyway, in my opinion wallpaper is so dated. If your walls are that bad I'd suggest getting them skimmed.

If you really want wallpaper, then maybe do just one internal wall as a feature and paint the other walls?? Or, as Sparky suggests, use pictures and keep the walls neutral.

Just my thoughts. Cheers,


garoda 16-02-2010 22:17

Hi guys,

Thanks for that. We were only thinking of a few feature walls, but might have second thoughts now.



med777 17-02-2010 00:21

Hiya garoda

Just cos the wall is best just painted... no reason not to include some artistic license....even just a couple of accent colour stripes adds feature.
a roll of masking tape and a couple of wee tester paint pots.. and u got a designer feature wall costing next to nothing.... says the wuman with a 100% 'white apartment' ! lol (but has had a full wall 'Denis the Menace 'n Gnasher in my UK bedroom !)
Also mirrors.............. a slim 'strip' (or 2 or 3) of mirror..roof to floor, offset, or horizontal can create a stunning effect.
Think outa the box... and it really doesn't have to cost a lot !
Whatever ya do... we want pictures :D ( so long as it isn't rude ! )


portbar 17-02-2010 11:38

Painter & Decorator

Originally Posted by garoda (Post 39933)
Can anyone recomend a painter/decorator who could do some wallpapering for us in the Port?



Ian Jerrard, pto. pollenca property management & maintenance, has done work for me in the past, very reliable, fair prices good quality workmanship.
tel no. 0034 659683338

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