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Diver Val 15-07-2009 22:00

Very high water bill
We have had a very high water bill deducted from our bank account in p.p. it is for approx 2 months water usage. and we simply couldn't have used that much water for the time we were there. Has anyone else experienced this recently?

I seem to remember some time ago people on this forum talking about high water bills. but i'm not able to look up the old postings. Anyone who can throw some light on this, I would be very obliged.

Diver Val

pansy potter 16-07-2009 07:44

Hi Val

We experienced the same 2 years ago and after a lot of digging around and asking for our water to be switched off found that our water meter was wired up to another apartment so we were paying for his water ! It was high because he is a permanant resident with 3 children. We went to the administrator and he asked for our money to be given back from the resident but no joy ! So we now are in credit with the community and our bill will be paid that way. At least we are getting the money back !
Anyway it is worth checking the meters and switching your water off to make sure its correct. We only found out because our neighbour was without water and not us !

Good Luck


Lorenzo 16-07-2009 20:43

High water bills
Not sure if you have an apartment or a villa, but friends in Gommar who have a villa, were constantly amazed at the size of their winter water bills.
The villa is never rented out of season and rarely used during the winter. When they visited in May (unannounced) they discovered that the caretaking lady was using the laundry room (washing machine & dryer) to process a mountain of other people's linen & towels :eek::eek:
Words were said and they have now found a reliable local agent to take over. Hopefully, this is not what is happening at your place but turning the water off & even maybe making a note of the meter reading is probably a good plan in any event.

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