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Major Tom 08-02-2009 17:56

Property prices
Is now the time to buy in PP ?
I saw Taylor Woodrow appartments last year at 272,000 euro opposite Al Fresco, what will they cost this year does anyone know?
The price of sunshine must have come down to earth !!

allanglens 08-02-2009 18:51

Well, according to their website they are asking prices from €245,000. So that is about 215,000, at the current exchange rate of €1.14. You say that last year they were asking €272,000? At €1.35 to the that would have been 201,000!

So the price of sunshine has gone up, if you are paying from a sterling perspective.


gpm 08-02-2009 19:30

property prices
If you want to buy an apartment from taylor woodrow, make an offer. Last year they were open to offers and would even throw in 10,000 euros of furniture. One friend of mine has dropped the price of his townhouse in Pollenca by 200,000 euros and hasn,t had a sniff from anybody. I would think it is the same as at home, if you have the money, you will pick up a bargain.

pansy potter 09-02-2009 10:58

According to an article in the Sunday Mail, Majorca is still a good bet to buy property, prices will rise this year, the only part of Spain to do so. The infrastructure is the most modern and sophisticated in the med islands. The celebrity clientele it attracts has made it an up market destination. The research was carried out by the inter- university research org of Spain. So maybe it is a good time to take plunge !!


Beachfun 23-07-2009 11:17

property prices still comming down
Prices are still on the way down many apartment prices have dropped by over 50% and still not sold
Also not able to let for holidays, personal tax and inheritance tax also putting off a lot of people

eleanor 23-07-2009 16:44

I have a friend who has been looking to buy over the past year and her opinion is that like here, the good nice apartments will sell and hold their price. We have another friend who has a lovely apartment in Llenaire and it hasn't been sold. As someone who has bought a villa recently, I am afraid I have a very poor opinion of some agents who seem to want to push the prices down. Not one day went by without one contacting me to say that I should not worry about the asking price as a low offer would be accepted or the owners were in financial trouble etc etc. We bought a villa and paid what we considered to be the right price and that price was very near to the price the sellers required. They told us that they forever had the agent telling them they had to drop their price and that the market was bad etc etc. When we bought 2 other couples were after the villa. We were lucky we were first. Maybe the agents need to take responsibility partly in the drop of prices. Also, my friend with the apartment was told by one agent that loads of people had viewed it but it hadn't sold as they were asking too much for it. Funny that - they had their locks changed six months ago and hadn't given the agents a new key!!!!! All this AND they charge 5% !!!!!

ray 24-07-2009 16:26

always a good time to buy property in PP

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