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med777 29-08-2008 23:48

Ants !!!
OK, so I don't normally come here in August/September..so forgive me if I am being niave. And, since everytime I go to the supermarket to get the...whatever it is I need to deal with this.... they got none...so I guess this is a problem everyone else has rite now, not just ME
BUT ! In the past (ok, not Aug/Sept)......ANTS - put an ant trap down, the sort that takes whatever it takes back to the nest, infects it... and it WORKED.
Its after midnite... I have just finished applying sealer where I didnt know sealer could go.........and Im still on ANT patrol !
They are NOT coming from outside.
They appear to be IN the walls.
U cant see my floors for ANT traps, but nobody told the ANTS they had to used 'em... major body swerve at each trap.

So, can I have some perspective on this plzzzzzzzzzz.... just so I dont spend the rest of my stay on all 4's following ANT trails !

Is the norm for this time of year... and is it just buy a spray and zapp 'em ?
(oh and our alternative solution... cos I've got the book...is vinegar trails ! )

ANY and ALL advice welcome, and none of the sort 'silly bitch, its the time of year, ' plzzz


lollipop 30-08-2008 08:43

We too have had a bit of a problem with ants,I think we are in the same apartments. Not so bad that they've taken over but have used Baygon powder with good effect plus the normal fly spray.

debz1 30-08-2008 09:42

Top advise from my husband ...The Ant Man of PP ;)!!! Keep the floors clear of any food and use Baygon spray to create a barrier which they won't cross..around balconys , doors etc. The best ant killer is Nippon..not the powder....the liquid which they eat and take back to the nest to give the queen. To be honest this will kill a nest that is close by ie in the walls for example, but as you can see from the attachment nests can be as large as 3,600 miles long :eek: :eek: so it's impossible to woipe them out ,the aim is to prevent them getting in the house.

You will see however that it IS the time of year for ants to mate, so they will be out in force as they have been in the UK this week!!

BBC NEWS | Magazine | Why are there so many flying ants?


PS Arriving in PP tonight ,then straight to Eroski in the morning to stock up
on Nippon etc :eek:

pollensa 30-08-2008 11:43

My sister reported loads of ants when staying in our apt mid August. (They hadn't been there the previous week.) I asked our management company & they said that they always appeared when it was very hot & come inside looking for water & that it is not necessarily related to leaving food out etc. I think she used some spray etc. to control them but I don't think there is much you can do.

My sister was a bit upset when she found them in the beds too!:eek:

PP76 30-08-2008 13:38

We do not normally have too much of a problem with ants, but during July/August this year we constantly had them getting into the apartment.
We tried both spray and powder but they kept coming back.
Hopefully by next month they will be back to the normal few.


Belladonna 30-08-2008 18:54

I can remember one time when we had our apartment in Alcudia on the first floor and had an ant problem - big time.
My son woke up scratching and jumped out of bed covered in ants! They were all up the wall, up the bed legs and into the bed! Argh!!
We asked advice and the people who knew best recommended spraying all along the edges with ZOOM, into any cracks etc. Close the apartment up for at least 4 hours and they should be gone. They were. Never to return! Have kept Zoom handy ever since and as soon as I see a couple the area gets sprayed.

med777 30-08-2008 21:51

Thank YOU !
Thanx to everyone for the advice.. and I will be taking all of it !

The bit about them looking for water rings true, cos the main problem is the bathroom and the kitchen. And my floors have never been so clean !

debz, bearer of scary tidings... Im gonna sleep in the fridge tonite after ur contribution ! lol. And I wouldn't get up too early tomorrow and head for eroski... they have virtually nothing on the shelves, but there lies another posting. safe journey and its hot, hot, hot !

Once again, thanx to all


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