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pollensa 29-03-2008 11:44

Bed shops?

does anyone know of any shops with a good selection of beds/mattresses? We're happy to travel to Manacor, Inca etc. so long as we have an idea of where we're going but we'd like somewhere with a good selection. There are so many near us in the UK but they don't seem so obvious in Mallorca.

& we will need delivery & disposal of the old one.


debz1 29-03-2008 14:58

Zelda we bought a very good mattress and base at a shop in Pollensa..memory foam, really comfortable, very reasonably priced...and brilliant service ,they delivered it the same day!!

But.. I don't know the name of the shop :confused: Sorry! Its very near the second square by the underground car park so I'm sure you'd find it easily.


pollensa 29-03-2008 15:25

Thanks very much - sounds just what we need. Our current mattress is appalling (but it was there when we bought the apartment in 2001!) & now my parents want to use the apartment I feel I need to sort it out soon!:eek:

Sharonh 29-03-2008 17:38


As Debz says there are a number of shops in Pollensa. There is also a furniture shop in Alcudia heading out to Puerto Alcudia just past the supermarket. It looks very small from the outside but is like a maze inside. From memory they had a good selection.

We didn't purchase there - for no reason other than we ended up in Manacor and bought everything in Inter Mobel. Another good shop with branches in both Manacor and Inca is Expo Mobles.

I think everywhere delivers - I am less sure about the taking away old though.

James 30-03-2008 15:49

I bought a couple of carpentered single beds from the furniture shop in the Port last May but, for mattresses, I would recommend Al Campo as they have a selection of mattresses and they will deliver.

[Peculiar... the board seems to think this is my first ever post!]

Smiddy 31-03-2008 14:44

Buying beds
We bought some in the port about 10 years ago, don't think the shops there now, wonderful matresses, we always look forward to our visits as our PP bed is far more comfortable than the one we have at home Usually the other way round.

pollensa 31-03-2008 17:01

Thanks for all the advice. We'll see how we get on.

Meanwhile I think the Spanish for mattress is 'colchon' & amazingly, I found:


- the mattress forum! & we thought we were sad.

Still it should give all the vocab! ;)

debz1 31-03-2008 18:17

LOL! Sad it may be but buying a new bed or mattress is a difficult business :confused:

I'm with Smiddy(well obviously not with him :o!!) our new PP bed is much more comfortable than our one at home...or is it just the wine ;)

pops 31-03-2008 22:58

Lol @ Debz.

There is a fantastic shop opened on the old road through Inca. Has the most amazing choice of beds, day beds, sofa beds and single chair beds. Really trendy and very reasonable.


PeRu 31-03-2008 23:48

Hi Pollensa,
That is the funniest thing I've read today. It has brightened up an otherwise fairly cheerless eveing!!

Re Beds,
We bought mattresses from the shop mentioned before in Pto. Alcudia. We went to their shop near the roundabout in Alcudia, where we chose them. They came from the shop in Pto. Alcudia.
The man in the shop in Alcudia has no English but we managed to communicate successfully. They have a good selection and are very reasonably priced.


pollensa 01-04-2008 13:14


re these shops in Alcudia & Pto Alcudia, can anyone give me more precise directions & maybe even the name of the shop - as they sound a possibility.

Does the one in Pto. Alcudia have a bigger selection?

Thanks. :)

Mariquita 01-04-2008 13:44

We got our matress from Al Campo as there is a good range of sizes and prices and you can try them all out if you don't mind wriggling around on the beds in full view of all the other Al Campo shoppers.

Delivery was free and arrived on time!

pollensa 01-04-2008 14:23


Originally Posted by Mariquita (Post 19251)
We got our matress from Al Campo as there is a good range of sizes and prices and you can try them all out if you don't mind wriggling around on the beds in full view of all the other Al Campo shoppers.

Delivery was free and arrived on time!

Thanks Mariquita.

Do they take old ones away as well?

Sharonh 01-04-2008 21:46


The shop I referred to is on the main road out of Alcudia heading toward Puerto Alcudia (but still in Alcudia). It is a few hundred yards from the Mercadonia Supermarket heading towards Puerto Alcudia on the same side of the road as the supermarket. There is another furniture shop facing it - which we didn't visit. I don't know the name but I am sure you could find it from these directions. As I said in my original post it looks small from the outside but is large once inside.


PeRu 02-04-2008 00:23

Hi Pollensa,

The shop I'm talking about is about 100 metres from the roundabout as you approach Alcudia from PP on the beach road. Turn toowards Alcudia amd it is on the left after the motorbike shop. It's on the corner and usually has chairs etc. outside.
As Sharon says, their main shop is in Avda Pollentia in Alcudia opposite the school.
Hope this is a bit clearer.


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