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Sharonh 02-03-2008 21:45

Landline and Broadband Internet Connection

I was wondering if anyone had recent experience of getting a landline and/ or a broadband internet connection installed? If so I am interested in who you used and an approximate price. I am also interested in how it works regarding monthly charges.

I have looked on the Forum can't find a posting that is very relevant. I have also looked in the Local Services section of the advertisers. The most relevant seems to be PC Coste though on the website is seems to focus on the business market.

Grateful for any advice.

pollensa 03-03-2008 08:29

Hi Sharonh,

we've had a landline/broadband internet for quite a while. We asked our Property Management company to arrange it for us with telefonica which is the Spanish equivalent of BT. I'm sure PC Coste will help you & they are not just business orientated at all.

We pay a monthly charge for the landline & then have ADSL DUO which gives you broadband plus free local calls. I think we pay around 60 EUR per month.

Initially we just had the landline installed (the engineer took a while finding the connection points!) & used dial-up & then applied for ADSL later on. Most of the online offers include a wifi free router which came by post & we installed it.

Hope that helps.:)

pinewalkstroll 03-03-2008 19:45

Hi Sharonh,

We have just had a landline/broadband fitted to our apartment today after telephoning Telefonica last Saturday ( 1st March ) !

Here is some brief advice regarding what i did .

Telephone Telfonica on their free phone number ( 1004 ) the first miniute is a pre-recorded message in Spainish, then a live operator will ask in spainish how can they help you. If you can speak spainish thats fine, but you can request an English speaking operator and then inform them of your requirement's if you so wish.

They will ask for the address, are you a first time customer ( free connection if you are :) ) your NIE or passport number and then your SPAINISH bank details so be careful where you call from. All payments from your bank to Telefonica will be made through the direct debit system.

If you require a WIFI router then please specify this at the time of the first call. A 3 MB router will allow for 2-3 laptops around your apartment/house and the speed seems fine.

Cost : there is an offer at the momment and we only paid 72 euroes for the Telefonica phone ( Rental ) WIFI router and all fittings etc.

The monthly charges are around 40 euroes for the broadband and i think, the landline is around 14 euroes.

It's all up and running fine so good luck.


Sharonh 03-03-2008 20:36

Pollensa & Pinewalkstroll

Thank you so much for your good advice. It is most appreciated. Once again the Forum comes up trumps!


welshbeef 05-04-2008 12:07

hi to all mallorcans and holiday visitors

well regards internet etc. I have just installed both in my bar in santa ponsa.
and first off it was a nightmare.
I rang ono and they transferred me to a recorded message and after 4 days i gave up and then all of a sudden they rang back and said.... "maybe one month maybe three ... We will ring you in a month.

I rang telefinica and I said can I speak to someone who speaks english as my spanish is limited.
tehy rang back in two minutes, three days later i am here typing away. and using the phone.

I gave the technician a few bottles of rioja to say thanks

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