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Living & Working in the Pollensa Area This forum is for any comments, questions and advice about living (permanently or temporarily) and working in the Pollensa area. Aimed at ex-pats, property owners etc.

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Old 26-05-2005, 22:55
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Default Hot and not so hot spots

We have looked online and in resort estate agents windows at a lot of properties in and around Puerto Pollensa/ Pollensa area.
One of the problems we face is we don't know where the hot spots and the not so hot spots are. We know that the cost of the property can be a guide in some cases, but not always. But can someone tell us are there any areas that we should really avoid like the plague?. Living next door to the fish processing plant is not the type of plaice in the sun we are looking for :rollin .

Rob & caroline
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Old 28-05-2005, 20:38
Posts: n/a
Default hot spots

hi there
we just got home last night after 5 glorious days, 2 of which were spent painting inside of apartment
hot spots and not so
it really is a matter of choice
we are in the Boquer area, which we adore
one of our neighbours moved last year to a converted
building in Roger de Lauria , lovely apartment with mountain view, if you stretch a bit from the balcony, but is an area we would not like to be in.
also we found ourselves visiting in the Pinaret area which did not orginally appeal to us when we bought our place, but found it quiet and tranquil the day we were there. Depends on your budget, pine walk is expensive front line, but if you like privacy would you really want to be there, also how often you would be in apartment security etc.
Why dont you post when you are considering a particular area/property and see if anyone has comments although at the end of the day it comes down to personal choice
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Old 28-05-2005, 22:03
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Default Re: hot spots

Thank you Smiddy.
What you say makes so much sense. We will be looking for some where tranquil yet not too far from the beach. We are planning to rent out the property to friends & family, and read elsewhere about checking that it's OK to do so with the property you are looking at.
We are looking at this place being or first toe hold on the property ladder for our place in the sun.
One person advised us that we should rent a place and get a feel for the area we are thinking of buying in first before actually buying in that area. Any thoughts on that?. Has anybody else tried it that way?.
We are just at the very first steps on our journey, but hope to be living out there in ten years if not before that. But we do need to make a start within the next 12 months.
Thank you again.

Rob & Caroline
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Old 29-05-2005, 02:26
Sun Properties
Posts: n/a
Default Hot spots

We rented a few times before we purchased. Firstly we established the area of PP we liked best (we are in Llenaire) by going out in the summer. We then went out in the quieter months when the agents have more time to talk to you and the cooler temperatures allow you an easier look around. It is best to start of with a 'must have' list ..... pool / air con / 3 bedrooms / apartment .... were on our list. This allows you to discount a lot of the places on the market. Good luck in your search.

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Old 29-05-2005, 17:02
Posts: n/a

Hi Rob,
We purchased our apartment last year and as suggested by KAB, we started with a wish list of what we wanted, 3 beds , close to sea etc etc.
I would suggest that you then work out your maximum purchase price including all of the associated costs, as this could further narrow your options and will also challenge what is really important to you from your original wish list.
We ended up buying in the Pinaret area, very close to the beach(young kids), nice and quiet and good value for money.
As Smiddy said it's all a matter of choice and i am not sure that there are any bad areas but remeber location, location, location.
We had a week in the resort purely to look at property and spent a lot of time just walking around the various areas. Keep an eye out for private sale boards (se vende).We purchased ours direct from the vendor which can save you money as the vendor will not be paying the agent fees and it is easier to haggle direct.
We have let ours to family and friends and been very surprised by the amount of interest(helps with the overheads)

Good luck

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Old 30-05-2005, 17:16
Posts: n/a

Hi Rob

Just to support everything you have heard here. We bought last year and my wife fixed up to see 8 or 9 apartments from llenaire, through Gommar , El pinaret and down into the town.

Llenaire was a bit cheaper but the apartments we saw were also smaller and of course a little way out of town. The prices around Gommar didn't seem much cheaper than Pinaret and its a little way off the beach. We ended up buying in El Pinaret once we were clear where the by pass would go. Its planned to go quite close to the apartments at the back which will see a step up in traffic and I would avoid. Pinaret is perfect for renting out because of its closeness to the 'Sandy Beach'. The website has been all that was needed to fully book the apartment from May until October apart from our own frequent visits !!!! ( I hope Pollensa doesn't read this I don't want her putting up her prices !!)

Happy hunting


PS There is no doubt renting in an area helps decision making. We have been renting all over PP for 18 years and already had a pretty good idea on the good and bad (not many of these !!) points of the different locations.
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Old 30-05-2005, 20:35
Posts: n/a
Default Hot and not so hot spots

on the subject of renting first
Yes we had rented in the same block as we eventually bought a year or two beforehand just 2 weeks
but we were staying in the Flora when we saw the for sale sign out and knew it was the place for us, Bob
McCallum (estate agent) insisted on showing us what else was available, Pinaret, Llenaire but we came back to the first one we had seen
incidentally there are 3 for sale just now near us
i believe around 220k euros for 2 beds
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Old 31-05-2005, 02:22
Roy and Katie
Posts: n/a

I would echo the other comments on checking the path of the proposed by-pass. It will seriously affect some properties when it is built . I believe that it wlll run thorugh Pineret, Gommer and LLenaire and be an annoyance to any of the higher areas overlooking it. I think I read that it is due to be built within the next 3 years.
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Old 30-06-2005, 22:06
Posts: n/a

We didn't realise that this thread was back. Can we thank everybody for their views and tips. This is a great help to us. thank you.
Any other tips and views are more than welcome.
Take care.

Rob & Caroline
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Old 01-07-2005, 03:04
its cd's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 1,661


Just seen your recovered post re. above and you referred to 3 appts in your block being up for sale .... can you remember who they are with .......... we are considering buying and boquer is the area we want .......... we have stayed in Bellresguard for the last 12 years and should have bought years ago but thats hindsight for you ......... we can;t afford to buy on Bellresguard, well not without selling up here and we are years off being ableto do anything like that ......... so around 220 euros in Boquer area is attractive to us



PS: Pollensa, I realise no one can "advertise" on the forum but thought just asking for thenames of the agents was within the rules .... if it isn;t please electronically slap my wrists and accept my apologies
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Old 01-07-2005, 05:48
pollensa's Avatar
Join Date: May 2001
Location: Colchester, UK
Posts: 3,815

there's no problem in members recommending agents or anyone else. What we can't allow is people advertising their own services. So please go ahead & let people know what property is available & with whom.

Of course you can always look thru the websites of the agents on www.puertopollensa.com/property_for_sale.html as the majority of local agents do advertise on the main site.
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Old 04-07-2005, 01:42
Roy and Katie
Posts: n/a

Having looked for 18 frustrating months around PP we widened our search to Bonaire and Alcanada, which are near Alcudia.

We were looking for a villa with garden in a quiet residential area and both these areas met our criteria. We finally bought one in Alcanada last September and love it.

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Old 11-07-2005, 14:20
Posts: n/a

Sounds like heaven Roy and Katie.
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Old 13-07-2005, 00:57
Roy and Katie
Posts: n/a

It is Robjay.
We go there for two weeks every month, and even then we don't want to come home.
It was worth all those frustrating days of viewing. We reckon we viewed well over 200 properties in 18 months, and thought we would never find "the one". Then one of the agents phoned us in the UK and said that he had something we would like. On establishing that all he could tell us about it was the price - no details no photos - only "you will like it", we flew out and fell in love with it straight away. That was about a year ago and no regrets. Someone up there was saving it for us.

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Old 13-07-2005, 02:12
Posts: n/a

Roy & Katie

Hi Some time ago I went to a eaterie at Alcanada which looks back over the bay to Pollensa I can't remember its name do you know it by any chance we had a super evening there and was super looking the other way.

Hope you can help me all I can remember had a job to find the right road to it.
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