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sandy 01-05-2006 23:27

Apartment Heating
I'm in the process of sorting out the heating in our apartment (of which there is very little) and I'm interested to know everyone's views on this. There is no gas to our block, only electricity. What does everyone else do for heating? Is there such a thing as an equivalent to Economy 7 for overnight storage heaters, or would oil filled heaters be a better option ? As our apartment is very open plan, we would only need heating in the lounge and both bedrooms.

pollensa 02-05-2006 03:03

Our apartment has combined aircon/heating, so they are like large fan heaters. I think these are pretty common.

sandy 02-05-2006 18:10

We do have one of these, although its rather old and probably needs updating. Is this enough though ?

Belladonna 02-05-2006 18:16

Recently put these up in our apartment too - best thing is to get a company that can work out the correct size needed for the room its in i.e bedrooms will obviously need a smaller unit than living rooms. The new ones are very versatile and have many features and speeds.

pollensa 02-05-2006 18:41

If it's sufficient to supply good air con then it should be fine for heating. However as they are like fan heaters, they cool down very quickly when you turn them off.

sandy 02-05-2006 22:56

Thanks for your responses. I'll have trip round the electrical shops next time we're over. If I freeze in winter I know who to blame !:lol

sunseeker 03-05-2006 02:31


We have a combined air con/heater in the main living area which works well, but in the bedrooms we have some small oil heaters that plug into the mains.
We turn these on before going out and when we return the bedrooms are nice and warm.
These are cheap to buy from Leroy Merlin and cost next to nothing to run so they can be left on all night.

Worth thinking about


pollensa 03-05-2006 03:45

If you don't need air con, I'm sure the little heaters suggested above will be fine. If you have the aircon units a lot of the cost will be the fitting as well as the units so only go for these if you need aircon. We do have them in the living room & every bedroom - but we chose them because we wanted aircon - the heating is a bonus.

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