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mallorcaboy 30-05-2006 16:02

The motorway between Inca and Sa Pobla/Pollensa roundabout was officially opened yesterday according to Daily Bulletin.
I think that means that the motorway now stretches from Palma to the Pollensa turn off. I have to go down to Inca this morning, so I'll confirm it then.

mallorcaboy 30-05-2006 19:01

Yep, just got back and it took not much longer than 10 minutes from Inca to out turn off.

pollensa 31-05-2006 00:37

We've just updated our directions from the airport here www.puertopollensa.com/Arriving.html so do let us know if you find any errors.

Thanks, Webmaster.

ChrisLox 01-06-2006 03:45

...the new motorway is a bloody eyesore but it's damn quick!!
Just wish i had my FIAT Coupé here now so i could burn some rubber!

mallorcaboy 01-06-2006 04:50

The Motorway
I take ChrisLox remarks about it being an eyesore. However, just thinking out loud here, and certainly not having a go at anyone, because I feel the same. But I remember Annie Lennox moaning on about how spoilt Mallorca was becoming with things like motorways and the like, and someone much wiser than me said that what we like to do is stop the Mallorcans enjoying the benefits of modernisation and progress, just so we can live/holiday in a quaint little island still settled somewhere in the late 19th early 20th century.
I used to love winding my way up to Pollensa through Santa Maria, Binnasalem etc, but I can also remember the inhabitants refusing to pay taxes because the traffic was ruining their roads. The Motorway is, I believe, a good thing for the Mallorcans in general, so here's to the next "improvement"

Belladonna 01-06-2006 15:45

Re: The Motorway
I too can remember coming through the back roads and gradually seeing the pavements being put in , taking about 2 years to complete! How times change - now they put in a whole motorway in the same time frame! We could always choose to go the long way round of course, which is what i always suggest just as we come out of the airport - until we have the choice of the turn off , then its just - lets get there as soon as possible!!!8)
I am trying very hard to view all progress on the island as "improvements" though.:\

ChrisLox 02-06-2006 15:05

Re: The Motorway
Mallorca boy has put over a fair comment about the new road, and I mostly agree, however its pretty likely that all the graffitti across the island that says 'Autovia No' was written by the locals!

mallorcaboy 02-06-2006 23:48

Re Motorway
Fair point, well made Chris

Snowy 03-06-2006 05:49

Re: Re Motorway
Boys its called progress


ann 05-06-2006 05:53

Funny thing, someone said, Belladonna I think, about how fast the motorway was constructed. Locals here think the opposite, it was scheduled to be finished weeks ago, and has caused a lot of inconvenience while being constructed.
One Mallorquin told me that many feel if this construction team were working in he uSA they would need a century to complete a motorway, it's not as if they have had to blast there way through mountains or construct tunnels. There was very little clearing to be done of what was basically flat land.
However, having said that, and noting that "locals" were divided over the "Autovia NO" issue (not just depending on whether it messed up there back yard, but more often on when environmental issues clashed with a mix of safety/"progress" factors, I have to say that personally I think the new motorway is great, I don't have to negotiate so many roundabouts to get to Al Campo, Palma or the airport, and the stretch from the Sa Pobla roundabout to Inca is, I think, a whole lot safer than the two lane, two-way highway with no margin for errors that existed before.
Not all that much extra land has been desecrated, more perhaps during construction than now. And nature is already claiming back much dug-up land, as the fields of poppies testify to.
Being able to drive along country roads, enjoying the scenery, relishing the sights and sounds, is great -- but not when you're late for work, need to get to a hospital appointment, or generally be doing anything other than being on holiday.

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