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med777 19-05-2006 07:24

Changing from dialup to BB
I have set the wheels in motion with Telefonica for BB in my appartment and have dialup at the moment with wanadoo which I will want to keep going till BB is up and running.
But my scary bit is...I dont speak spanish and will eventually want to cancel the wanadoo account...can anyone help...I get out to PP on Sat(20th).
Also, has anyone exp with Telefonica(english) and BB...they have told me it takes 5-10 days....?

Hoping there is a suntanned geek out there to help me !!!!!!!!!

graham 19-05-2006 07:25

changing from dial up
Speak to Rafa. He is truly amazing and will sort absolutely everything for you.



Quelys 24-05-2006 02:12

Hi Graham,

Have to agree with you about Rafa. Not sure if its mentioned somewhere else but for those who don't know him Rafa owns the IT shop in Puerto Pollensa (PC Coste). Not exactly a suntanned geek med777 but bound to be able to help you!!

pollensa 24-05-2006 02:36

For Rafa - see www.puertopollensa.com/internet_cafes.html#webdesign



med777 13-06-2006 06:20

Re: changing from dial up
Well so much for telefonicas 'install in 10 to 20 days' !
Applied on the 15th May...

ANyWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!! The router arrived today.after many fonecalls to telefonica AND telefonica in english !

I opened the BOX ! and yup...lotsa wee books and bits and pieces - ALL IN SPANISH !
ok, rafa...sort it ! and 5pm tonite...not Rafa, but his new recruit, Sisco arrived

Had the whole thing up and running in under 30 minutes.

As expected, the dialup wanadoo cancellation bit is not so easy. Sisco tried calling them, and they want a faxed cancellation, but he told me to come to the shop tomorrow and he would sort it out. And Im sure he will !

All I can say is THANX, guys and would recommend PC Coste to everyone :D


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