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Gommar Goffer 11-07-2006 01:42

Paying Gesa
Does anyone know if you can pay outstanding gesa bills by phone/ internet?

ChrisLox 11-07-2006 14:32

paying gesa can be very difficult strangely! the best waywe find is to go to the shop near to mercadona in alcudia. they speak very good english there too.

Gommar Goffer 13-07-2006 15:00

Re: gesa
Is this the case when your supply has been turned off (through no fault of your own!), or do you have to go to Inca then?

Roy and Katie 14-07-2006 05:10

We pay Gesa by direct debit from our La Caixa bank account. We can also make transactions by internet from this account. Their internet security far out-passes anything I have seen with UK banks.

Belladonna 14-07-2006 06:52

Yes, we also pay by direct debit through our bank, for a few minutes (spanish time) filling in a couple of forms it saves a lot of hassle in the long run.

pollensa 14-07-2006 16:09

We've always paid by DD - I think all the DDs were set up by the solicitor when we purchased. Anything else I do via online banking - also very easy. You can also register online with GESA & telefonica to see your bills but am not sure about paying.

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