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sandy 19-08-2006 23:49

Its getting closer to the time when we'll be in a position to put a new kitchen in our apartment (thank goodness!). Does anyone have any suggestions of where to look for ideas, which are the best kitchen shops etc. Where do you buy a kitchen from in Mallorca??? >D I need a starting point please?

frito 20-08-2006 02:47

There are a couple of kitchen shops in the Port and a couple in Pollensa, but if you want to do it yourself Leroy Merlin near Al Campo is a good place to start. Ikea in Palma were expanding their kitchen dept. when I was last in there a month ago, and have a good selection, great for ideas if nothing else.

I hope this is useful,

PeRu 20-08-2006 08:07

Hi Sandy,
We put a new kitchen into our apartment earlier this year. We bought it from Leroy Merlin and had it fitted and are really pleased with it. We bought hob, oven and washing machine from Confort in PP who are really helpful and deliver very quickly, mostly on day of purchase.
Hope you find this useful. Happy hunting

sandy 20-08-2006 18:58

Thanks both of you. Some folks we met in PP last year also mentioned Leroy Merlin, so thats a good start. We always buy our electricals from Confort, they've been excellent so far, so loyality takes me there first before anywhere else. Looking forward to spending lots of money and getting the kitchen right, but not looking forward to the work.

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