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sandy 13-06-2007 01:27

Not to sure where to post this, but I'm sure Pollensa will move it to the appropriate place.

I was so disappointed with the Halifax in PP. No, I didn't go in, but every window had a poster on it in English, nothing written in Spanish at all! The English would be up in arms if a bank opened up in our local town with everything advertised in a foreign language. And to top it all, that neon blue signage lit up the whole street.

Okay, whinge over. :\

RingSpin 13-06-2007 20:53

Does it have an ATM outside ?
Does anyone know if I'm going to be able to draw money out of my account without being charged a fee - here's hoping anyway :D

easylife 14-06-2007 02:03


I wouldn't hold your breath... I saw the halifax when in PP 2 weeks ago and when I came back home I went into my local branch to ask if I would be able to use PP branch services as I do at home but the answer was an emphatic NO. I've previously asked this question at Barclays too as they have a branch in Los Christianos, Tenerife (where I holiday in winter) but again I was told that UK customers couldn't access services like they would do at home. Pity really as we're told Mir is going to become a Barclays branch - it would be very handy for me as I often stay at Eolo when in PP. Still it is a few years since I asked at Barclays so maybe things have moved on and the situation may be different, I'll ask again

Gommar Goffer 14-06-2007 08:31

Re: halifax
Keep an eye on Santander and Abbey as we were told that they should be introducing free transfers between UK and Spanish accounts on a limited basis at some point

yelselseivad 25-06-2007 05:38

Don't think it had an Atm when I was there recently

RingSpin 01-07-2007 03:02

Re: atm
Well to answer my own question.
I called in last week, there isn't an ATM on the outside - none inside either. The lady on the desk told me to use the ATM's on the Formentor Road !

pinewalkstroll 01-07-2007 06:20

Re: halifax
Is the nearest Santander bank to Puerto Pollenca in the old town, Pollenca ?

I am with the Abbey in the UK and that information could be very useful....Thank You.

sandy 01-07-2007 20:53

Re: halifax
I think the Santandar bank is on the main road just before the roundabout at the marina - on the left before you get to Mir's liquor store.

pinewalkstroll 02-07-2007 19:13

Re: halifax
Thanks Sandy. One of the apartments we intend to view in August is very near there on JoanXX111, so that would be rather useful.


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