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animagic21 01-08-2007 05:29

Renting a Property for 12 months
We're out to PP on 6/8 and will be exploring the possibility of renting an apartment for 12 months so we can fly backwards/forwards during the year and always have accommodation. Could anyone recommend an Estate Agent in the Port that they have had dealings with, who is reliable and speak English?

Also, providing we don't accept payment, would anybody know if it would be a problem for our sons and families to stay in the apartment without us? Thanks!!

Sharonh 01-08-2007 15:49

We bought our apartment from Aline in Balearic Properties. We also had viewings with a lady called Jayne from Barnard Hamilton who was english and very helpful. Contact details for both agents can be found under the 'properties for sale' link on this web site. Both agents also did rental properties.

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smiddy 05-08-2007 06:40

1 year rental

Although some communities ban commercial letting(ours for instance, suits me fine) this would not normaly include families and bona-fide friends. It is aimed at people who advertise and you haven't got a clue who's in their apartment, this can obviously disrupt if not spoil other peoples holidays. But i doubt if you would have any proplems with your family using it.

animagic21 06-08-2007 06:38

Re: 1 year rental
Hi Sharon H and Smiddy

Thanks for the information and advice.... off to PP tomorrow,
looking forward to investigating our dream venture!!!

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