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welshbeef 11-08-2007 22:36

Pollensa questions

My wife and I are coming to Pollensa early september to look at some bars. And we have some questions

Whats it like in the winter period
Our daughter is fluent welsh and we are taking steps to give her some basic spanish lessons before we move there. She is 11 could you recommend a school.

Appartments.... we want to rent an apartment on long lease any ideas ?

ANd hopefully if this all works out I wont need to get my plumbing tools out too often .hehe

pollensa 11-08-2007 23:47

Hi there & welcome to the forum,

with regards to schools & language - the official language in schools is actually Catalan & not Spanish (although of course this is useful) - see this post p221.ezboard.com/fpollensaforumfrm24.showMessage?topicID=220.topic for more info.

Winter is pretty quiet & a fair number of bars & restaurants, especially those aimed at tourists, will be closed. The main season is really Easter-October but I'm sure you'll get more responses from residents.

For long term lets, do try the Estate Agents on www.puertopollensa.com/localagents.html

JMD40 27-08-2007 20:20

hello there, As a resident of over 20years I have seen many people come and go during that time. As a friendly word of advice could I suggest that before you make such a big decision that you come over here for a week or two in December or January to see for yourself what it is like in the winter. PP is unrecognisable to the busy summer resort you may know and not everyone appreciates how quiet it is and a bit more ground work before you make the move could save you heartache and money in the future. good luck whatever you do but bear in mind - a bar would work for 6 long days and nights and you have to make enough money to last through the 6 months of the winter!! On a positive note your daughter will pick up Spanish and Catalan from her schoolfriends fairly easily.

welshbeef 27-08-2007 20:29

Thanks for the advice JMD. We are really going to town on this and thinking about it constantly. I appreciate what it could be like in pollensa during winter periods and I guess Santa ponsa would be more productive in working all year round.

But its kind of strange that you mentioned spending time there first. Because we have struck up on the idea of spending a long period of time there before buying a business.

People may ask why would a plumber want to do this well. Truth is I have probably worked everywhere and want something different now. Although I shall still be carrying my tools with me just in case LOL.

regards Chris

Lala70w 28-08-2007 01:20

Take your tools Chris - some of these old hotel have dodgy drains!!

Good luck wherever you end up.


smiddy 29-08-2007 20:25

Pollensa Questions
Another point, plumbers/joiners et all, it's worth noting you would earn nowhere near the kind of money your used to in the UK

carambacafe 29-08-2007 22:57

pollensa question
We did the same in April 2007, we moved here with 2 children aged 12 and 14, we now run a bar called CARAMBA CAFE, if you get chance pop in and we will gladly try to answer any questions,
we advertise in the internet section of this site. we are also aware of several businesses for sale here and in Alcudia.

Look forward to meeting you

Terry & Debbie

welshbeef 13-09-2007 02:42

thanks for the info
Thanks for all the advice. We are taking it all in. And yes we will drop in and see you at the caramba.

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