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its cd 30-12-2007 23:36

British Pensioner/ ex pat Societies
My parents will spend 4 weens in PP during Jan and Feb this year and will be in an apartment rather than a hotel.

They are likely to want company other than their own for some of this time

Are there any British pensioners groups or similar which they would be welcome to attend

Someone once told me about a group that met for a chat and a coffee one morning a week during the winter, but I didn't get any details

sonyaaa 31-12-2007 08:38


There is ESRA "English speaking residents assoc" but I think that is for those that live there. Might I suggest that if they attend Sunday Mass in the square I think the English one is 10'ish they are bound to meet some friendly locals who can advise them of any activities there might be also there is the fiesta Sant Antoni between the 15th-19th Jan (well thats when we are there just so we don't miss it!) I think Fires 16th Tree on the 17th when there will be loads of activitie and fun! so I am sure they will meet many people then. other than that I suggest a few good books warm clothes and comfortable shoes!!


Mariquita 02-01-2008 22:49

Here is the link to the ESRA (English speaking Residents' Association) website. I am sure they would be happy to be contacted by visitors as well as residents.


pinewalkstroll 03-01-2008 00:06


Thank you for the ESRA link, it was very helpful.

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