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calaniu 15-01-2008 00:32

we are buying a flat in cala .

we'd like to have a land line with a broadband internet connection allied to a new satelite tv arrangement ( as is becoming the norm in the UK)

can anyone recomend the best deal?

also, I need to buy a tv and sort out the Satellite dissh etc. any advice would be appreciated

Sharonh 15-01-2008 04:29

I can't comment on the telephone/ internet issue. However regarding purchasing a television we bought ours from Carrefour near the airport and got our satellite from Confort in the Port who I would recommend.

calaniu 15-01-2008 05:42

thanks for that

do you know if apartments tend to share dishes or do each have their own

Sharonh 15-01-2008 07:54

I think it is common practice for apartment blocks to share. It obviously depends though if the satellite dish is appropriate for you. There is no point sharing a dish which receives Spanish TV if you want English TV! Your Administrator should be able to advise you and the shop you buy from.

Belladonna 15-01-2008 18:48

Same subject but not helpful, just thought Id tell u anyway! Arrived at our appartment to find large note in Spanish pinned to wall where we pick up our post. After great fun translating it we found out that the new big dish had been put up to give all residents 19 more channels! If we had problems tuning in we could phone them and they would come round. Wonderful we thought! Spent the next 2 hours re programming our TV ( we only really use it for Mallorca news - with great difficulty translating - and putting on our DVD's, still trying to work out if worth getting satalite put in!) we managed to get all 19 channels working - all in SPANISH!!! Well, its free anyway!;)
We now have about 4 dishes on the roof line, better get our act together if we are to find a space I suppose!

calaniu 15-01-2008 18:57

thanks for the comments. I've asked my lawyer to assist!

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