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Living & Working in the Pollensa Area This forum is for any comments, questions and advice about living (permanently or temporarily) and working in the Pollensa area. Aimed at ex-pats, property owners etc.

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Old 20-06-2018, 12:25
Join Date: Jan 2016
Location: Pollenca
Posts: 183
Default Applying for residency, NIE etc.

Yes, a long post! I have found this forum really useful in getting myself established over here. However, from extensive research within this forum and external sources, I cannot find documented, a complete (as close can be!) process and the recommended sequentional order of activities involved in becoming resident. Yes, I could have paid a third party to process, but where is the fun in that? I have captured some information from my experiences and based on my scenario. I hope others may find this useful.

1. NIE (Numero de Identification de Extranjeros)
During property purchase, lawyer obtained NIE on my behalf and provided me with the original NIE certificate. It is processed in a similar way to Residencia application, being appointment and payment. The NIE reference is valid for lifetime. However, the NIE certificate is only valid for three months. In my experience, the only establishment that requested a valid certificate was when applying for Healthcard. Although a friend completed the process with expired NIE.

2. Empadronamiento
This is the official register of where you live.
Address: Ajuntament de Pollença, Carrer del Calvari 2, Pollenca OR Carrer del Metge Llopis, 1, Puerto de Pollensa.
Preparation: download and complete form Sol-licitud dínscripcio en la padro municpal d´habitants de Pollenca´.
Payment: 3.15 Euros.
Validity: 3 months.
Required: Passport, NIE, possibly (I cannot remember!) IBI statement (ordre de domiciliació bancària).
IBI or “Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles” is a municipal property tax.
Presented with Empadron certificate.

3. Travel certificate
The travel certificate is used in conjunction with the residencia card to obtain discounted ferry and flights.
Address: Ajuntament de Pollença (as above)
Payment: 1.00 Euro.
Validity: 6 months.
Required: NIE certificate

4. Social Security
TGSS (Tesoreria general de la seguridad social)
Address: Instituto Nacional De La Seguridad Social
Carrer Gabriel Buades, 13-15, Inca
Preparation: download and complete form ModeloTA1 for full employment.
Original and copies of NIE, Empadronment
Payment: No fee.
Presented with TGSS certificate stating social security number.
Info: Basic pay for admin role is approximately 600 euros (net) for 20hrs part-time and 1200 euros (net) for 40hrs full time.
Getting a job, although nose turned up at this, it really does help with the residencia process!

5. Healthcard (Tarjeta Sanitaria)
Most convenient for Pollenca:
PAC Centre
Centre de Salut Pollença
Carrer del Bisbe Desbach, Pollença
Requirements: Passport photo (standard UK size acceptable), NIE (ensure within 3 months validity), TGSS certificate, work contract. No fee. Passport photo booths in Palma Intermodal station. Also photos can be processed in local Micer studio.

6. Residencia
Address: Oficina d'Estrangeria, Calle Felicià Fuster, 7, Palma.
Summer hours 18th June – 14th Sept 08.00-14.30.
Preparation: It is necessary to schedule an appointment to submit an application at the immigration office. (Cita Previa de Extranjería)
Select from dropdown menu, Iles Balears, and CNP-Certificados UE.
Enter NIE, surname and first name.
You may not always see Palma office in the dropdown selection (just Ibiza!).
They release appointments around 09:30, although my experience was at 11:00, with the appointment scheduled for 3 weeks time.
Download and complete Tasa modelo 790 Código 012.
Select: Certificado de registro de residente comunitario o Tarjeta de residencia de familiar de un ciudadano de la Unión.
Take this TASA form to a bank and pay 10.71 residencia fee. Bank will process your payment and present you with stamped receipts, 1 copy for immigration office, 1 personal copy.
Download and complete EX18 form Solicitud de inscripción en el Registro Central de Extranjeros_Residencia ciudadano de la UE.
Recommended requirements: NIE certificate (not required in date), TGSS certificate (your employment confirmed and that contributions are being paid, therefore you have sufficient healthcare). If you have Private healthcare cover, you may be asked to provide bank statement for last quarter, showing the regular payments for this benefit.
If you have dependents, you will be asked for birth certificates and marriage certificate to be professionally translated and certified, via a sworn translator.
Internet search for Spanish sworn translators for the Balearic Islands. Approx. cost is 60 Euros for marriage cert translation.
Actual requirements: TASA 790, EX18, Passport and 1 copy of Passport.
Payment: 10.71 Euros.
Presented: Flimsy green paper credit card sized residencia card. Not allowed to laminate! This card does not expire, however, after the initial 5 years, you are required to re-apply. Once you have re-applied, no further action is required, unless due to address change, for example. Although the above initially reads complex, on reflection, for my scenario, it really is not that bad at all! I went prepared with way too much paperwork, numerious copies of eveything! The residencia official was amused, but my learnings in Spanish buracracy, be prepared!

7. Transport pass (Targeta Intermodal)
Discount on bus, train and metro. Not valid on EMT in Palma or on the train to Sóller.
More information search, TIB Intermodal.
Recommended office; Palma Intermodal Station, as they will actually take your photograph for use on the pass. Otherwise, you will need to provide a Passport photograph.
Fee 3 euros.
Top up cards in ticket machine at the station, but also can be done on bus.

8. Driving licence exchange
This is my next task, but no rush! Time frame for completion vary on certain transport categories that your licence may or may not show.

For now, it´s time to relax, breathe and enjoy my newly appointed residency!

Last edited by Big Sal; 20-06-2018 at 12:31.
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Old 21-06-2018, 10:24
Sparky's Avatar
Super Moderator
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Port de Pollença
Posts: 20,074

Thank you for this excellent info Big Sal . I have made this a "sticky" so it will be easy for others to find in future .
Living the dream in PP with my glass half full. .
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Old 03-10-2018, 18:54
Join Date: Jan 2016
Location: Pollenca
Posts: 183

OK, hopefully the last few areas completed! Again, I have captured some information from my experiences and based on my scenario. I hope others may find this useful.

8. Driving licence EXCHANGE
Address: DGT (Dirección General de Tráfico), Carrer de Manuel Azaña, 50, 07006 Palma.
My UK driving licence was valid for 10 years, and it wasn't necessary yet for me to exchange. However, I wanted to complete before Brexit! No medical needed. For friends where it was necessary for a medical, paid 59 Euros for a 5 minute assessment, consisting of sight test (reading letters from card on wall), identifying coloured lights in the dark, and a blood pressure reading. Taken at Medico in PP, Carrer St Joan 23. No appointment necessary, just walk-in. However, if DGT surprise you with a medical requirement, there is a medical office 10 metres from DGT, called 'Center Reconeixement Mèdic Mercat De Llevant'. The cost is the same, but be aware, the assessment is very different! - a simulation involving a gear-stick held in each hand where one hand is controlling one car, and the second hand controlling the second car, ensuring the cars which are driving in different directions remain within their specified lanes! Good at computer games?
Photo sized 32x26mm
It is necessary to schedule an appointment to submit an application.
(Successfully processed via Microsoft Edge, I experienced problems using Google Chrome)
Office: Illes Balears-Mallorca, Kind of procedure: European Driving Licence Exchange,
NIE, First name, Surname, D.O.B, Driving licence number, Driving permissions (categories)
Select convenient date and time.
Save confirmation (will not be e-mailed) as PDF.
** AMENDMENT, just found closer appointments dates via a different route. Select Kind of procedure: Office Procedures. Select Exchange of European Permits and then enter your details. **
Complete form 'TRÁMITES DE CONDUCTORES', https://sede.dgt.gob.es/Galerias/tra.../Mod.03-ES.pdf
Arrive at DGT Palma.
Enter your NIE in self service check-in. A receipt will be printed confirming your allocated queue reference. This will only print within 15mins either side of your appointment time.
The licence exchange area is upstairs.
Required: above completed form and residencia (as usual, take ALL your official paperwork!)
Payment of 28.30 Euros via card.
One week later, I received email, advising appointment to made within 45 days.
Make appointment similar to, but not the same as above.
Office: Illes Balears, Kind of procedure: Office procedures, Area: Exchange of European permits and of Andorra, Korea, Japan, Monaco and Switzerland, NIE, First name, Surname, Select convenient day and time. Save confirmation (will not be e-mailed) as PDF.
Attended appointment at DGT Palma. Verified data entry into system! Surrendered UK driving licence. Provided with paper temporary licence valid for 3 months. Beware, this only authorises driving within the island. Advised full licence would be sent via post.
3 weeks later, full licence received via standard post.
More information:
Renewal of community driving licenses and the European economic area:
Exchange of permits:

9. EHIC exchange for the Spanish equivalent, 'Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea'.
Access The Service, select No Certificate, Request/Renew Health Card, Type of request: Only for the holder, First Name, First Surname, Social Security Number, NIE, Email address, Address. Auomated e-mail notification received. 5 days later, I received my TSE card. Frustratingly myself and a friend received ours with only 6 months validity, wheras another friend received his with 2 years validity. The process is simple enough, so I will just renew again.
Please note: UK Pensioners living in Spain, in receipt of a UK pension, need not apply for the TSE. The UK is responsible for issuing the EHIC to UK pensioners resident in other EU counties. However, an exception to this: If you are in receipt of a UK pension and are actively working in Spain, (contributing into the Spanish Social Security System), you will need to apply for the TSE.
Brexit may change all this!

10. Travel Insurance, for expats.
For expatriates with pre-existing medical conditions, the issue is complicated further by the fact that the cover available to them is very limited, with most Spanish travel insurers excluding cover to those with existing medical conditions. I found Staysure to be competitive.

Surely, that must be it now?! - fortunately my husband is tax savvy, the ball is firmly in his court now for tax returns!
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Last edited by Big Sal; 18-03-2019 at 19:58. Reason: Driving licence exchange - medical and computer simulation
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Old 22-07-2019, 18:21
Deanscroft's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Puerto Pollenca
Posts: 535
Default Change of Residency

Has anyone recently changed the address associated with their residency and if so how did they get on? I've found Form EX18 on the internet which appears to be the correct document but I can't find if I need to make an appointment at the Palma office. There doesn't appear to be an option for 'change of details" when trying to make a appointment.
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Old 22-07-2019, 20:03
Join Date: Jan 2016
Location: Pollenca
Posts: 183

Hi Deanscroft,

I haven't had the need yet, but will do in the near future.
I've had a browse.... Yes, you are right to use the EX18. I highly suspect an appointment will be required at the Foreigners Office in Palma. I did a test via the on-line appointment link... appointment for 'EU POLICE-CERTIFICATES', and entered my NIE, name, etc. and selected appointment required. No appointments available! - I did read in the Mallorca Daily Bulletin, about the limited appointments available for EU citizens, the 'B' word! - you can choose the most applicable 'B' word/s!

Best of luck!

To add.... 'EU POLICE-CERTIFICATES' refers to EX18 activity. I don't think the EX18 appointments are separated into categories. The EX18 form, as you mention, lists the categories, such as address change.

I'll be interested to learn your experience!
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Last edited by Big Sal; 22-07-2019 at 20:48.
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Old 24-07-2019, 08:03
Join Date: Jan 2016
Location: Pollenca
Posts: 183

Plus, it may be wise to update the padron at your local town hall and take the revised certificate with you to accompany the EX18.
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Old 24-07-2019, 15:26
Deanscroft's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Puerto Pollenca
Posts: 535

Thank you for the help and information Big Sal.
I have been able to get an appointment. It is not untill September 9th but I suppose the main thing is that it is before october 31st.

Last edited by Deanscroft; 25-07-2019 at 20:06.
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Old 03-09-2023, 10:35
Gommar Goffer's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: PP permanently
Posts: 1,805

Hi Big Sal - do you ahve a guide for changing temp residency to permanent TIE?

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Old 03-09-2023, 13:42
Join Date: Jan 2016
Location: Pollenca
Posts: 183

Hi GG, I hope you are well.

Yes, I sure do! We easily completed ours independently last month.

This is the process for exchanging temporary green residency paper for permanent TIE card. If exchanging temporary TIE to permanent TIE, the process will be slightly different.

Make 2 online appointments (no need to wait to complete 1st physical appointment before making 2nd online appointment, but 2nd physical appointment must be more than 45 days apart).


2nd appointment for TIE collection, more than 45 days apart. 'POLICIA - RECOGIDA DE TARJETA DE IDENTIDAD DE EXTRANJERO (TIE)'.

At the 1st physical appointment, take with you:
Processed/paid Modelo 790-012 (12 Euros) select 'Certificado de registro de residente comunitario o Tarjeta de residencia de familiar de un ciudadano de la Unión'.
Photograph 32x26mm
If address changed since original residencia, an updated recent padron
Temporary residencia
Fingers (index) for fingerprint capture!

The 2nd physical appointment (collect TIE), take with you:
Temporary residencia to surrender
Receipt of application given to you at the 1st physical appointment
Fingers (index) for fingerprint recognition!

Useful links:

Online appointments:


Modelo 790-012:


Enjoy! - I did, secretly!

Last edited by Big Sal; 03-09-2023 at 20:01.
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Old 04-09-2023, 09:10
Gommar Goffer's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: PP permanently
Posts: 1,805

Thank you!
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