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jjacks 23-05-2016 16:34

New Apartment
The wait is nearly over and we will be signing for our new apartment on 6th June. We have been visiting Puerto Pollensa for over 25 years - whatever took us so long???!!!

Family Ordonez 23-05-2016 18:56


We bought our apartment last October and also wondered what took us so long.

Wishing you many more years of happiness in the most magical place on earth xxx

jjacks 23-05-2016 19:09

Thank you, we are counting down the days:)

MoMike 12-06-2016 19:20

We've been here 10 years in August. Hoping to pay off the bank this year, and then spend a lot more time enjoying it.

jjacks 12-06-2016 20:43

We finally completed on our apartment on 6 June (after a worrying couple of days prior to this not knowing if the French air traffic controllers were going to strike). We only had a couple of days in the port and so it hasn't fully sunk in yet. We will be back out for a longer trip at the beginning of July and I am really looking forward to that. :)

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