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codex 18-11-2013 12:32

Visiting local schools
I know I've asked questions about schools on here before, but we're finally starting to get our act together and want to head over and visit some of the schools near Pollensa or Puerto Pollensa early next year. We're planning on enrolling our children for September next year, so plenty of time. Ideally we'd like to arrange to visit some of the better regarded schools in the area before making our final decision.

Does anyone have a list of local schools for children of primary school age so that I could make contact with them? I've looked on google and have an idea of a few, but don't want to miss out any, especially if they come recommended.

Also, does anyone have any experience of the schools, good or bad? I know there's currently a lot of upheaval with the tri-lingual teaching on the island.

If anyone has any views on local schools but doesn't want to post on an open forum, you can always send a private message. I know the people using this forum are ever helpful and a great mine of information about the area.

Sparky 18-11-2013 13:33

I posted some details a while back here :- http://www.forum.puertopollensa.com/...b-address.html.

codex 18-11-2013 13:43

Thanks Sparky, you can see how good my memory is as I'd obviously posted on there already.

I'd also be interested in schools near the old town, that may be a more practical location for us (though the lure of the port is strong!)

Sparky 18-11-2013 13:55

There are plenty of children here in the Port and i know of many who have gone to school here and then gone on to university so they must be doing something right ;).

SunshineStacey 08-01-2014 15:21

We are also moving to Mallorca this year with our two sons aged 2 and 6.
Any information on local schools, enrolling etc would be great!
Thank you in advance and best of luck!

codex 08-01-2014 23:40

Hi SunshineStacey, we're out in Mallorca at the end of January to view a few of the schools. Do you know yet whether you plan to get your eldest into a local school or international school? I believe the when you become resident you don't get to decide which school the children go to if you choose a local school, it's decided for you based on where you live and what places are available.

SunshineStacey 09-01-2014 12:49

He will be going to a local school. Fingers crossed we are able to enroll at our preferred school and that the schools in Pollensa are good..

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