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snoozysuzb 17-08-2012 17:05

September flights to Majorca for sale
I have return flights booked to Majorca in September, departing from Manchester on 14th September returning on 21st September. They are booked with Jet2.com.
Due to the fact that I can no longer travel, I am selling these flights at a cost of 250, which includes the cost of the name changes.
Along with the flight there is one checked in baggage (22kg) and prebooked seats.
If you book the flight through Jet2, it would currently cost you 498!
If interested PM me.

Sparky 17-08-2012 17:22

Snoozysuzb i am afraid you will have to do a couple more posts before you can use the PM facility.

SENOR CIGAR 17-08-2012 19:13

Surely the buyer of your tickets will have to pay the price increase as well from the original price paid?
The Senor.

snoozysuzb 18-08-2012 09:59

The 250 was including the increase in the flight. Jet 2 would have charged 140 to change the names and the increase from what I paid was 110. Basically I was giving the flights away as they wouldnt be being used, rather than them go to waste, as you cant cancel them!

Smiddy 20-08-2012 14:34

140 to change names:eek: Goodness me!

snoozysuzb 20-08-2012 14:58

Yep, 35 per person each way!! Just for a little bit of typing and a click of the button!

cumberland8 20-08-2012 15:28

That is absolutely disgracefull

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