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alcanadakid 17-06-2011 18:08

Signal amplifier
Just a word of warning to would-be techie guys like me. We have been losing satelite signal lately in the evening which meant I only saw half of the Canadian grand prix. So when we were in Alcampo I noticed that they were selling signal amplifiers suitable for digital signals. I bought one and fitted it, but it blew the LNB on the dish which meant we had to get a man out to fit a new one! He then gave me a long chat about why the signal is bad at present, it is all to do with the wobble on the earth's axis and will be better in a few weeks time. He charged 25 to come out and fit the LNB, including parts, which I thought was very reasonable

Fortunately Alcampo did a refund with no problems, but Mrs AK was less than impressed

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!

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