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Project 09-07-2008 18:58

Rural Adsl
Hi all
I just thought I'd pass on something that has helped me a great deal. Although under spanish law everyone has the right to broadband and hence the new "rural ADSL" provision was born, anyone who actually lives offgrid will find it practically impossible or prohibitively expensive to get reliable up/download ADSL. This being my position I thought I had exhausted all ideas and was contemplating making a long range wifi receiver out of a chinese wok until I stumbled across IBRED, and I've got to tell you it's great. I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to anything related to computers and so was delighted to find that with a small white box antenna located on the side of your house you can enjoy ADSL of up to 10 MB download and now the same company provides a landline over the same connection with excellent international and mobile rates.(No more TRAC!!!)
The best thing for those that don't live here all year round is that they can also tailor it to your seasonal needs.
En fin, I'm well happy and contented that I can quote away and email from the comfort of my own home after 4 years!
More info can be found at www.ibred.es
They at present have about 500 clients and with such a good initiative I think they are going to be very popular.

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