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gina39uk 11-05-2008 13:11

Mobile Broadband Plug Ins for Laptops?
Does anyone have any information/experience of the virtually new 'mobile plug-ins' or 'dongles' as I believe they are called, for laptops.
I understand that these work similar to a mobile phone and have no need of WiFi etc. and can be used abroad as well as in the UK.

Has anyone got or used one of these and if so how well did they work in Spain (Puerto?). I believe these can be purchased as PAYG or on contract and if so which plan would you recommend?

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated as it would appear to solve the problem of having to find somewhere with WiFi and/or an Internet cafe.

James 11-05-2008 22:04

Vodafone USB Modem
I have had the Vodafone E220 USB Modem from Vodafone Spain since December 2006 on prepay and it works extremely well in the Port at speeds of up to 3.6GB.

I don't know what the current price of the prepay modem is but I paid 139 Euros for it in the Carrefour by PC City in Palma.

It costs 20 Euros to top-up with 25MB for 3 months (a waste of time), 40 Euros to top-up with 200MB for 3 months (quite good depending on how much you will use and how long you will be spending in PP) and 60 Euros to top-up with 1GB for 3 months.

gina39uk 11-05-2008 22:32

Mobile Broadband Plug Ins for Laptops
Many thanks for that James. I mainly wanted to know how well they worked & you seem to be happy with yours.

There are several offers here in the UK but the best seem to be from either Vodaphone or 3, though I'm not sure if Vodaphone do a PAYG or just fixed contract. PAYG would suit me better as I will only use it for a week or so at a time but it would certainly make things easier if I could just plug-in & connect my laptop in the apartment instead of going out to a busy internet cafe.

Thanks again for the info.

pollensa 11-05-2008 23:08

Do be aware that if you buy one in the UK you will be liable to roaming changes in Spain as any charges & packages quoted are for UK use. Roaming charges for data are currently around 5 per MB ie very expensive. If anyone knows of any better deals, do let me know as I've spent a while trying to find out about this. I worked out that I use around 2MB just checking emails etc. for one hour.

If you are interested in using it Spain, do buy one in Spain with a contract or PAYG for vodafone.es.

gina39uk 12-05-2008 07:11

Thank you Pollensa for your input. Yes 5 per MB does seem expensive. 3 charge 3 per MB but still not cheap.

Do you or anyone know if the Spanish version (preferably PAYG) can be bought in Puerto? Perhaps James could help with this one?

hoopy 12-05-2008 13:04

Vodafone dongle
I got one at Easter from the vodafone shop in Alcudia. IIRC it cost me 70 euros which included a small amount of credit (cant remember how much). I had a wee bit of trouble once it ran out but the girl in the Vodafone shop in Pollenca was great. Her English is perfect and nothing was too much trouble. I topped it up by a further 60 euros which I hope will last a good while.

I would definitely recommend it. If you are going to get one get it from Pollenca rather than Alcudia though.

graham 12-05-2008 15:04

mobile broadband
Whereabouts is the Vodafone shop in Pollensa?

gina39uk 12-05-2008 17:04

Vodaphone dongle
That is very encouraging news Hoopy thankyou. Can you tell me exacly wher the voaphone shop is in Pollensa (I presume you mean the village?)

The Wob 12-05-2008 21:01

Voda ES
I bought the PAYG from Vodafone in Pollensa last Summer and it worked flawlessly for me at 3.6M. I am back in the port on 20th May for a couple of weeks and you are more than welcome to try it out first, but you should not have any problems if you purchase the product from the Vodafone shop in Avenida Argentina.

The Wob

gina39uk 12-05-2008 22:19

Vodaphone dongle
Thank you so much The Wob for your kind offer however, I'm not due back in Puerto again until 4th June so you may have left by then. However, I shall certainly take your advice & visit the Vodafone shop in Pollensa.

Thanks again everybody for all your advice.


sws97sdg 13-05-2008 09:22

Thanks Wob, this is great info. I too am looking to go wireless this year and this finally seems to be the way, is the dongle plug and play as I'm woried instructions will only be in Spanish, does it let you know when the top up is running out, how long has the 60 euros lasted for, and finally can I be the first to wish you a happy birthday for tomorrow, it is the 14th isn't it. Happy Birthday :)

Mark 13-05-2008 19:10

It is plug and play so no worries :)

I have two of these, (I always buy two so I have a spare.. )

They work really well and are as fast and sometimes faster than my home broadband here in UK :)

If anyone knows if these can be topped here in England let me know, as my sim will expire soon if I dont add some credit ( needs something adding every 9 or 12 months apparently) and vodafone UK dont appear to be much help, not sure what a spanish tourist would do if in UK !

I bought a vodafone top up voucher from my local UK post office but it does not work as the activation code is only 12 digits, the vodafone spanish top up service is expecting a 16 digit code so does not work ?

It must be possible to top up somehow from UK ?


sws97sdg 13-05-2008 19:31

Thanks for that Mark, it sounds ideal, It will be good to find out if you can top up before it expires if it needs it every 12 months, or we may have to go twice a year to top up :)
By the way great photos, good to see the place out of season as we always go in the summer.

Mark 20-05-2008 12:24

I received a spanish text about expiry, so thought I better get on with it !

I have the top up problem from UK just about sorted !

I bought a 10 UK vodafone voucher from a post office in UK, this does not work as it only has a 12 digit activation code, vodafone spain SMS activation service expects a 16 digit activation code, so I have a spare UK Vodafone top up voucher for 10 that is no use now unless someone knows a way.... Vodafone UK are not at all helpful with this, they say it is not possible...

People from Spain must visit UK and need to top up phones, so I wonder how they do it ?

The next option I found was a website here:

They offer a credit top up service and it worked OK :)

The amount they charge for 10 euros is more than you would pay yourself in a Spanish shop of course, as they have to make some money for providing a service :) keeps your sim alive though.

I also tried a guy called David Call in Spain who I bought a modem off last year, he has this German website http://www.fonpaq.de/ that is working OK and a new UK one that is not online at the time of posting this here: http://www.fonpaq.co.uk/

I also paid a 20 euro top up through David at fonepaq, and all is OK ( completed by email request and secure payment on his website as UK site not online when I wanted the service)

So thats two top up services tested and working :D

Using a third party to top up phone does cost a bit more, but at least you can add some every 9 months or so to keep your data sim alive :)

So I am OK now and will add more credit when in Pollensa in September.


sws97sdg 20-05-2008 12:50

Hi Mark, thanks for your very copmrhensive instrructions, you are now our resisdent expert in spanish sim topup, I'm looking forward to getting my laptop wireless when I arrive in the summer and keeping it active you your directions, thanks again :)

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