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mallorcaboy 03-04-2004 19:25

Internet connection
I remember reading about Internet connection somewhere on the site, but can't find it now. My question is, I have bought a new Laptop that I am going to leave in my apartment for Internet use, and want to know if it needs to be connected to the telephone socket (I am assuming it does, I don't understand technology). The lead supplied with the Laptop has a UK phone plug and I would need an adapter to make it plug into the Telefonica outlet. Where can I get one? Can I get one in UK (PC World didn't know), and what would it be called. "Techies" please help:o

pollensaman 03-04-2004 20:09


You can easily buy a lead to go from your laptop to the Spanish Phone socket from Confort , If you need help with setting up a local ISP have a look at Computer Services

mallorcaboy 04-04-2004 00:17

Re Internet connection
Thanks a lot

nickandsue 05-04-2004 04:46

You should have no trouble buying an adaptor in any UK airport on your way out if you prefer......I could do with finding out about any free (pay as you go) ISP's to use whilst in PP. Just need a website URL and the number to dial for connection really?

mallorcaboy 16-04-2004 23:11

re Internet connection
Martin Cross came today, on time, and connected me in 15 mins, for very reasonable rate. Certainly can recommend him

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