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Roy and Katie 02-10-2006 02:16

Laptop/serial port/telescope
Since you guys sorted out my internet problem I thought Iwould share another computer problem.

I have an astronomical telescope (for looking at the sky before anyone asks) and am trying to connect it to my new laptop so that I can sit indoors and roam the heavens. I have all the software and cables, but I am stuck for the connection to the laptop.

The cable coming from the telescope has modem type ends, but one end has 4 pins while the other has 6 pins. The 4 pin connects to the telescope and the other end connects to a RS 232 serial port adaptor . OK so far... but my new laptop doesnt seem to have a RS232 serial port.

Question - Could I connect it to one of the other ports with a suitable adaptor?

allanglens 02-10-2006 20:02

At a guess, you will probably need a serial / USB adaptor. Somewhere like Maplin should be able to help. But if you are in PP I have no idea as to whether there is one on the island.



Roy and Katie 05-10-2006 02:15

Managed to buy one from our local computer shop in UK.

We are back out next week so will try it then.

Many thanks for your help HTH

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