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JH02JLH 29-11-2006 05:11

Mobile Phone Scam
I received the following message from a friend tonight about the latest mobile phone scam. I'm not saying it will happen, but it's best to be informed:

If you receive a phone call on your mobile from any person, saying that, he or she is a company engineer, or telling you that they're checking your mobile line, and you have to press #90 or #09 or any other number. End this call immediately without pressing any numbers. There is a fraud company using a device that once you press #90 or #09 they can access your "SIM" card and make calls at your expense. Forward this message to as many colleagues, relatives and friends as you can, to stop it.


pollensa 29-11-2006 07:45


I'm afraid this was a hoax email encouraging you to send emails to everyone you know:

"This is a series of hoax messages warning about fictious mobile phone viruses. The viruses described in these messages do not exist and they have nothing to do with real mobile phone viruses " - see www.f-secure.com/hoaxes/cf_virus.shtml & more on our virus info page puertopollensa.com/virusalerts.html

JH02JLH 29-11-2006 17:14


Sorry Pollensa!

This email was sent to me by a friend who works for the police!

The amount of spam/scam emails I'm getting at the moment is getting silly even though I have really good spam filters on my computer.


Thanks for letting me know - I'll tell my friend.


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