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Sparky 26-03-2012 15:36

Hotel Eolo.
I have heard that the Eolo Hotel/ Cafe and Pizzaria have gone under, it's not possible to contact them by email/website or phone :(.
Matchpoint was part of the group but i have been told that it has been taken on by one of last years staff members and will re-open soon.

Tonsyl 26-03-2012 16:36

That's a great shame Sparky. We think of the Eolo as the cornerstone of the real Puerto Pollensa and if you are correct, the place will never be the same.

LK1960 26-03-2012 18:43

This is awful news. I have huge affection for this little Hotel and the lovely staff who work there. They always looked after my daughter so well when she stayed there on her own. Very sad news.

Nick 27-03-2012 12:09

Maybe I've misread this article but in line two doesn't Sparky say that a member of staff is going to take the place over ??

Thereby it should be up and running again soon ??

sws97sdg 27-03-2012 12:24

I think Sparky meant Matchpoint would soon be re-opening :confused:

Sparky 27-03-2012 12:55

Yes, i was told that Matchpoint will open soon :).
Hopefully a buyer can be found quickly for the hotel/cafe & pizzeria :(.

Nick 27-03-2012 13:13

Cleared that up then !

its cd 27-03-2012 23:44

Very bad news ..... I have no love for match point and could take or leave the bar cafe and pizzaria but the Hotel was wonderful and a real pp landmark and of course now we have to really worry about what will replace it as it is such a prime location

easylife1 31-03-2012 14:10

hotel eolo
I've stayed at the Eolo several times, both on my own and with my husband, and am really sad to hear this news. I haven't heard of Match Point, what/where is it?

JMD40 31-03-2012 14:22

I did wonder when I saw that Matchpoint was up for rent a few weeks ago. It seemed strange and also that the small coffee shop had not opened up at the side of Eolo. Basically the guy who was running it last year did not have much idea so not surprised but that is very sad news and especially coming this late in the season as it does not really give anyone time to get it set up for the summer etc. What about all the people who have already booked for there I wonder? Well done finding the news Sparky. and good luck to the new management of the Matchpoint - for its location and for the olympics it has to be a success this year.

Cocoa07 08-04-2012 08:45

Really sad to read about the Eolo. We stayed there a couple of times when we first starting going to PP and used them to change money over the years. There used to a lovely guy on reception who was so helpful. I hope they are all ok and that the hotel will reopen soon.

James 08-04-2012 11:25

Very sad news & a great shame if it remains boarded up from the inside for the rest of the season given its location. Somebody also needs to tell them to turn their WiFi signal off which can still be picked up!

usandthewoof 08-04-2012 17:44

Yesterday, I bumped into the chap who worked in the coffee shop last year, and he told me that he has been offered his job back in the coffee shop from 1 May. I asked about the hostel, but he didnīt think that was being opened. Letīs see what happens in the next few weeks.

El Gordo 09-04-2012 10:10


Originally Posted by James (Post 70005)
......... Somebody also needs to tell them to turn their WiFi signal off which can still be picked up!

Could this not be a free perk from Telefonica!!!:rolleyes: Anyone know the password!!;)

I had heard that there was free wifi provided in the Square, but I could not get it in March.

Sorry Sparky for going off thread, any replies to this in correct Thread Please!!;)

Nick 09-04-2012 17:04

Most places in the port seem to offer wi-fi for the price of a drink.
I'm sat outside the Miramar now on my new iPad, belated birthday treat! With a cold beer in my hand!

Beautiful evening btw.....

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