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Hotels, Villas & Apartments in Pollensa & Cala San Vicente Discuss hotels, aparthotels, private villas, apartments and any other type of accommodation in the Pollensa area including Cala San Vicente. Do add reviews and comments for specific hotels and apartments. Readers find these very useful. However this forum is not a place for advertisements. Check out the 'Advertise' page on the main web site.

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Old 21-02-2011, 16:02
Join Date: Feb 2011
Posts: 11
Default Is there a "Better" end of the Pinewalk?

OK - first post so apologies if it's in the wrong place - it kinda falls between a few in my mind!

I am looking for villas/apartment with pools in Puerto Pollensa - preferably very close to the beach (a nice kid-friendly sandy one!) but also with shops/cafes not too far away. I don't like the idea of being in an area that is too "apartsment-ville" but at the same time I would like a pool as well (I know I drive a hard bargain!).

I've not been to Puerto Pollensa before and this is our first holiday since we had children (we have a 3 year old and a 7 year old).

I've been looking and have found an apartment in Lenaire and an apartment on the Pinewalk (without a pool but virtually on the beach it would appear) but what I am confused about is how long is the Pinewalk? Is one end much quieter - is one end preferable to the other? I am hesitant about being too close to the Marina because I am guessing that where there's lots of boats there might be murkier waters (ie. diesel etc.).

Lots of apartments say they are on the Pinewalk - I just want to know what they mean by this!

Apologies if this is a stupid question!
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Old 21-02-2011, 16:44
Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: Southampton & Pine Walk Apt
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Default Pinewalk - which is the better end

Well some good questions there and different people will have their own ideas about which areas of the Pine Walk are their personal favourites.

The beach areas are larger and better maintained (IMHO) for the first half or so of the Pine Walk. There are sun beds and sunshades and pedalos etc here and also a lifeguard post near the beginning (operated only in the main season).

The beach in front of Little Italy Restaurant is very good for families with children as the swimming area has been cordoned off and the water is quite shallow and also very clear. You can also get drinks and food from Little Italy or from the Coral or Laroc Restaurants in the street behind or simply a snack from the Montecarlo supermarket - so a good place to base yourselves during the day and early evening.

If you find an apartment in this area, then you do not have too long a walk into the main area of the town.
A word of caution though as many owners do advertise their properties as being 'on the Pine Walk' but in some cases they are one or two blocks back from the Pine Walk. If they are really on the Pine Walk then there is just a lovely stone path in front of them and then the beach and the lovely Bay of Pollensa.
Hope that this helps.

Last edited by Lorenzo; 21-02-2011 at 16:46.
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Old 21-02-2011, 18:55
Baron de Lay's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 170

It's impossible to say whether one end of the Pinewalk is 'preferable' than another, as everyone's tastes differ and one person's opinion will be completely different to another's.

In answer to your query regarding the length of the Pinewalk, an easy stroll from the centre of town to the far end takes 10-15 minutes along the sea front. The beaches become larger and wider the closer you get towards the town centre - All are sandy, gently shelving and ideal for kids. For obvious reasons, the further you get from the town centre, the less busy the beaches tend to become.

Although properties in this area are often referred to as 'Pinewalk area, personally, I've never seen an apartment advertised as 'On the Pinewalk' that isn't front line - indeed I would imagine that any owner advertising a non front line property as such would leave themselves open to a claim for mis-representation. If the property you're interested in is front line, then I would very much imagine that the advertiser has posted photos of the sea view.

Hope this helps.
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Old 21-02-2011, 19:17
Gommar Goffer's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: PP permanently
Posts: 1,564

How long is the 'Pine Walk'?

Technically speaking (if something that is not exactly real can be technically spoken about) the 'Pine Walk' cover the Passeig Vora Mar and Passeig Colom and runs from Corb Mari and Dakota 3 (is it still there?) restaurants to just past the Hotel Illa d'Or.

I would say that the closer you are towards the centre of the port the busier it will be but the Beaches are larger and the bars and restaurants are more numerous.
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Old 21-02-2011, 23:12
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 410

Regarding Herbal Tea’s post.
Firstly, although the preceding posts are all quite true, I expect ‘Herbal Tea’ may be still somewhat confused as he has never been to P.P. before and therefore won’t necessarily be aware of place names like Little Italy, Coral or Laroc, or even Passeig Vora mar and the I’lla D’or .
In reality the Pine Walk covers mainly the middle section of the walk, though people seem to advertise Pine Walk properties as being anywhere between the Marina at one end and the generally very quiet and underused ‘Military Base’ at the other; an overall distance of approximately 1500m - (I will stand corrected on this).
The whole 1500m is pedestrianised.
The Marina end (Town Centre End) has, for the first 500m or so, many restaurants, cafes and café-bars but this thins out the further north one gets. There are some really decent (but narrow-ish) sections of beach along this stretch with fine white sand - ideal for children - and shallow water; along with quite a few sun-beds and shades. Last year these cost 11 Euros for two good quality sun-beds and one fixed sunshade for the day (or part thereof). There are also quite a few shops for buckets & spades, etc. along here and a small well stocked supermarket (Voramar Supermarcado) at the northern end. The middle 500m section changes somewhat, with the slightly narrower crazy paved ‘walk area’ set between the beachside properties, mainly wonderful large old villas (some split into apartments), some purpose built apartment blocks and the sea itself. There are limited and somewhat narrow areas of beach here, but still O.K. for children, especially those who like trying to find small hermit crabs and those doing a little fishing with their nets and buckets - the small fish are not always easy to catch by the way. There are a only a few narrow beach areas along the most northerly section (the final 500m), mainly by the quite large (but civilised) I’lla D’or Hotel - mentioned in one of the previous posts - and at the northern extremity next the fenced off ‘base’ area. The aforementioned Hotel is in the middle of this area and is a great place to while away an hour or so on the sea-side terrace bar, where good quality snacks can also be purchased as well as a nice cold beer or soft drink. Also an expensive afternoon tea (many enjoy this) and a good selection of cocktails if walking this way on a special evening out. This end - the most northerly end - is the quietest part of the ‘Pine Walk’ (P.W. in its broadest sense). There are apartments available as well as it being a bit of a residential area with some nice accommodation.
You will be unlikely to find a villa or apartment with swimming pool on the ‘Pine Walk’ - as far as I’m aware - I don’t think there are any (again I will stand corrected on this). There is a commercial type pool at the Marina end, this being part of the Daina Hotel.
I would say there is very little or no pollution on the beaches or in the water from diesel from the boats in the marina, or moored nearby, I haven’t seen any in my walks along here over the years. In fact the Marina access to the sea and to the bay of Pollensa itself, is on its South Side and approximately 400m away from the beach on that side.
There is a large area called Belleresguard about a couple of hundred metres behind the northerly section of the ‘Pine Walk’ - there are many excellent apartments with swimming pools in this area. There are other areas near here (look at the accommodation list mentioned below).
Lenaire is over a 1000m south of the Marina, there are wide white sandy beaches here and lots of sun-beds / shades (you will need them) - depending when you go - as the beach her is very exposed to the sun, many people like that… some don’t. In between Lenaire and the Marina, is an area called Pinaret, some villas / apartments are set between the pine trees in this area. Again, the beach is quite wide here, very similar to Lenaire. There are quite a few apartments with swimming pools in both these areas. At the Pinaret end, there is also the attraction of water sports, boats, canoes, pedaloes, etc. Also quite a few shops, cafes, restaurants and bars along the sea-front between Pinaret and the Marina.
Best I can say is study this web-site: There are maps of all areas, lots of information on accommodation, under “Before You Go” - top left - see “Private Villas and Apartments to Let”. Also lots of information on Restaurants (you’ll never get round them all), places to visit, etc., etc.
Also have a ‘trawl’ through the many, many, posts on the forum itself. Lots of info’ from lots of people who love Puerto Pollensa….. and the rest of Mallorca too (but not quite as much!).
Hope you have a good holiday. People will always give good advice on your questions here.
You could also look at ‘Google’ maps, just type in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca.
p.s. Confused!!!….. All areas of the Pine Walk are good….. for differing reasons!

Last edited by pescador2009; 21-02-2011 at 23:15.
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Old 21-02-2011, 23:22
Belladonna's Avatar
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Location: London, Kent borders.
Posts: 4,073

...... and... breath!! Absolutely brilliant discription of the area pescador. Should certainly be put somewhere as a "sticky" I think!
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Old 21-02-2011, 23:46
favie's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 644

Beautiful, beautiful description...definitly deserves "Sticky" status.
With a link of one of your maps Bella!
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Old 21-02-2011, 23:53
Belladonna's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: London, Kent borders.
Posts: 4,073

Good idea! Forum map for Puerto Pollensa is pretty good, although it doesn't show the restaurants along the Pine Walk obviously. It does go back to the Llenaire area as well, so gives a good idea of distances.

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Old 22-02-2011, 00:55
Sparky's Avatar
Super Moderator
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Port de Pollença
Posts: 17,809

A very informative post Pescador thank you for taking the time.
Living the dream in PP with my glass half full .
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Old 22-02-2011, 03:42
Join Date: Feb 2011
Posts: 11

Thank you to everyone who replied and especially for the detailed reply from Pescador. Yes, you are right , it is very confusing when people refer to the Pine Walk being between X and Y hotel/restaurant. I have spent hours zooming in and out of Google earth hybrid maps, completely losing my bearings and getting quite frustrated! I think I have worked it out now though and it was helpful to explain that the Marina is near the "town" centre, again this is something that isn't obvious or overtly stated that much (although I sort of assumed it).

As I am going in early April I am guessing that the issue of the lack of shelter on the Lenaire end of the bay won't be so critical. Decisions, decisions! The Pinewalk apartment I am looking at currently does seem attractive and is definitely ON the Pinewalk but then the apartment in Lenaire is a groundfloor apt (a consideration with two young children!) and has a pool - probably more low-key but we're not exactly looking for lots of busy-ness - just a nice relaxing holiday somewhere warmer than Scotland! I know there are no guarantees with the weather but for a first trip abroad with the kids we've purposely gone for the "big" holiday in the Easter break rather than in the intense heat of July/August.

Once again thanks to everyone - flights are now booked via EasyJet (not cheap when all the extras were added in!!) so I will be visiting this site on a very regular basis.
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Old 22-02-2011, 12:32
Gommar Goffer's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: PP permanently
Posts: 1,564

We look forward to your future input on the forum Herbaltea and we are always happy to give advice (even if it is confusing at times)
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Old 22-02-2011, 19:30
El Gordo's Avatar
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Location: NE
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Originally Posted by herbaltea View Post
As I am going in early April ................... but then the apartment in Lenaire is a groundfloor apt (a consideration with two young children!) and has a pool -
I think the sea will be warmer than the pool -unless its heated which is unlikely.

The pool would be far too chilly for me at this time of year

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Old 22-02-2011, 23:10
its cd's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 1,657

You adults may or may not get into the unheated pool first week in April

I have been about 5 times in April and would say 1 year it was so warm that the pool was no problem, 2 years it was ok to swim in once you got used to it but NOT for lounging in and the other 2 years it was a no go

Thats for the adults ....... as for the kids, well teenagers ...... they seem to get into it whatever time of year ......... even been known to get into the unheated pool in Feb
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Old 07-06-2011, 11:02
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 7
Talking Following in your footsteps

Hello Herbal Tea...I'm new to this site and reading your thread about the Pine Walk has been so helpful. Like you I've trawled over Google earth to try and get an idea of what's where and got myself so confused over which area and what accommodation to go for. What did you decide on the end?
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Old 07-06-2011, 11:19
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Poole Dorset
Posts: 415

Brilliant post, Pescador. We've been visiting PP for 20 years & your thread contained info that I didn't know. Will need to call up your post when we return in Oct. Thanks!
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